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   Administering a BEA Tuxedo Application at Run Time

Cleaning Up and Restarting Servers Manually

By default, the BEA Tuxedo system cleans up resources associated with dead processes (such as queues) and restarts restartable dead servers from the Bulletin Board (BB) at regular intervals during BBL scans. You may, however, request cleaning at other times.

How to Clean Up Resources Associated with Dead Processes

To request an immediate cleanup of resources associated with dead processes, complete the following procedure.

  1. Start a tmadmin session.

  2. Enter bbclean machine.

The bbclean command takes one optional argument: the name of the machine to be cleaned.

If You Specify


No machine

The resources on the default machine are cleaned.

A machine

The resources on the specified machine are cleaned.


The resources on the Distinguished Bulletin Board Liaison (DBBL) and the Bulletin Boards at all sites are cleaned.

How to Clean Up Other Resources

To clean up other resources, complete the following procedure.

  1. Start a tmadmin session.

  2. Enter pclean machine.

    Note: You must specify a value for machine; it is a required argument.

    If the Specified Machine Is


    Not partitioned

    pclean will invoke bbclean.


    pclean will remove all entries for servers and services from all nonpartitioned Bulletin Boards.

This command is useful for restoring order to a system after partitioning has occurred unexpectedly.