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   Using BEA Jolt

Bulk Loading BEA Tuxedo Services


As a systems administrator, you may have an existing BEA Tuxedo application with multiple BEA Tuxedo services. Manually creating these definitions in the repository database may take hours to complete. The Jolt Bulk Loader is a command utility that allows you to load multiple, previously defined BEA Tuxedo services to the Jolt Repository database in a single step. Using the jbld program, the Bulk Loader utility reads the BEA Tuxedo service definitions from the specified text file and bulk loads them into the Jolt Repository. The services are loaded to the repository database in one "bulk load." After the services populate the Jolt Repository, you can create, edit, and group services with the Jolt Repository Editor.

Bulk Loading BEA Tuxedo Services covers the following topics: