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   Using BEA Jolt

Introducing BEA Jolt


BEA Jolt is a Java-based interface to the BEA Tuxedo system that extends the functionality of existing BEA Tuxedo applications to include Intranet- and Internet-wide availability. Using Jolt, you can now easily transform any BEA Tuxedo application so that its services are available to customers using an ordinary browser on the Internet. Jolt interfaces with existing and new BEA Tuxedo applications and services to allow secure, scalable, Intranet/Internet transactions between client and server. Jolt enables you to build client applications and applets that can remotely invoke existing BEA Tuxedo services, such as application messaging, component management, and distributed transaction processing.

Because you develop your applications with the Jolt API and the Jolt Repository Editor, which use BEA Tuxedo and the Java programming language, the Jolt documentation is written with the assumption that you are familiar with BEA Tuxedo and Java programming. This documentation is intended for system administrators, network administrators, and developers.

Introducing BEA Jolt covers the following topics: