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   BEA Tuxedo FML Function Reference

Fvneeded, Fvneeded32(3fml)


Fvneeded(), Fvneeded32() - computes size needed for VIEW buffer


#include <stdio.h> 
#include "fml.h"

Fvneeded(char *subtype)

#include "fml32.h"

Fvneeded32(char *subtype)


Fvneeded() returns the size of the VIEW C structure. subtype is the name of the VIEW. You can call Fvneeded() to determine the size of a VIEW buffer to allocate. Fvneeded32() is used with 32-bit VIEWs.

Return Values

Fvneeded() returns the size of the VIEW in number of bytes. This function returns -1 on error and sets Ferror to indicate the error condition.


Under the following conditions, Fvnull() fails and sets Ferror to:


"invalid argument to function"
The requested VIEW cannot be found in the view files specified by VIEWDIR and VIEWFILES environment variables.

See Also

Introduction to FML Functions, viewfile(5)