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   BEA Tuxedo FML Function Reference

Section 3fml - FML Functions


BEA Tuxedo FML Functions



Introduction to FML Functions

Provides an introduction to the FML functions

CFadd, CFadd32(3fml)

Converts and adds field

CFchg, CFchg32(3fml)

Converts and changes field

CFfind, CFfind32(3fml)

Finds, converts, and returns pointer

CFfindocc, CFfindocc32(3fml)

Finds occurrence of converted value

CFget, CFget32(3fml)

Gets field and converts

CFgetalloc, CFgetalloc32(3fml)

Gets field, allocates space, and converts

F_error, F_error32(3fml)

Prints error message for last error

F32to16, F16to32(3fml)

Converts 16-bit FML to/from 32-bit FML buffer

Fadd, Fadd32(3fml)

Adds new field occurrence

Fadds, Fadds32(3fml)

Converts value from type FLD_STRING and adds to buffer

Falloc, Falloc32(3fml)

Allocates and initializes fielded buffer

Fappend, Fappend32(3fml)

Appends new field occurrence

Fboolco, Fboolco32, Fvboolco, Fvboolco32(3fml)

Compiles expression, returns evaluation tree

Fboolev, Fboolev32, Fvboolev, Fvboolev32(3fml)

Evaluates buffer against tree

Fboolpr, Fboolpr32, Fvboolpr, Fvboolpr32(3fml)

Prints Boolean expression as parsed

Fchg, Fchg32(3fml)

Changes field occurrence value

Fchgs, Fchgs32(3fml)

Changes field occurrence - caller presents string

Fchksum, Fchksum32(3fml)

Computes checksum for fielded buffer

Fcmp, Fcmp32(3fml)

Compares two fielded buffers

Fconcat, Fconcat32(3fml)

Concatenates source to destination buffer

Fcpy, Fcpy32(3fml)

Copies source to destination buffer

Fdel, Fdel32(3fml)

Deletes field occurrence from buffer

Fdelall, Fdelall32(3fml)

Deletes all field occurrences from buffer

Fdelete, Fdelete32(3fml)

Deletes list of fields from buffer

Fextread, Fextread32(3fml)

Builds fielded buffer from printed format

Ffind, Ffind32(3fml)

Finds field occurrence in buffer

Ffindlast, Ffindlast32(3fml)

Finds last occurrence of field in buffer

Ffindocc, Ffindocc32(3fml)

Finds occurrence of field value

Ffinds, Ffinds32(3fml)

Returns ptr to string representation

Ffloatev, Ffloatev32, Fvfloatev, Fvfloatev32(3fml)

Returns value of expression as a double

Ffprint, Ffprint32(3fml)

Prints fielded buffer to specified stream

Ffree, Ffree32(3fml)

Frees space allocated for fielded buffer

Fget, Fget32(3fml)

Gets copy and length of field occurrence

Fgetalloc, Fgetalloc32(3fml)

Allocates space and gets copy of field occurrence

Fgetlast, Fgetlast32(3fml)

Gets copy of last occurrence

Fgets, Fgets32(3fml)

Gets value converted to string

Fgetsa, Fgetsa32(3fml)

Uses malloc() to allocate space and gets converted value

Fidnm_unload, Fidnm_unload32(3fml)

Recovers space from id->nm mapping tables

Fidxused, Fidxused32(3fml)

Returns amount of space used

Fielded, Fielded32(3fml)

Returns true if buffer is fielded

Findex, Findex32(3fml)

Indexes a fielded buffer

Finit, Finit32(3fml)

Initializes fielded buffer

Fjoin, Fjoin32(3fml)

Joins source into destination buffer

Fldid, Fldid32(3fml)

Maps field name to field identifier

Fldno, Fldno32(3fml)

Maps field identifier to field number

Fldtype, Fldtype32(3fml)

Maps field identifier to field type

Flen, Flen32(3fml)

Returns len of field occurrence in buffer

Fmkfldid, Fmkfldid32(3fml)

Makes a field identifier

Fmove, Fmove32(3fml)

Moves fielded buffer to destination

Fname, Fname32(3fml)

Maps field identifier to field name

Fneeded, Fneeded32(3fml)

Computes size needed for buffer

Fnext, Fnext32(3fml)

Gets next field occurrence

Fnmid_unload, Fnmid_unload32(3fml)

Recovers space from nm->id mapping tables

Fnum, Fnum32(3fml)

Returns count of all occurrences in buffer

Foccur, Foccur32(3fml)

Returns count of field occurrences in buffer

Fojoin, Fojoin32(3fml)

Outer join of source into destination buffer

Fpres, Fpres32(3fml)

True if field occurrence is present in buffer

Fprint, Fprint32(3fml)

Prints buffer to standard output

Fproj, Fproj32(3fml)

Provides projection on buffer

Fprojcpy, Fprojcpy32(3fml)

Provides projection and copy on buffer

Fread, Fread32(3fml)

Reads fielded buffer

Frealloc, Frealloc32(3fml)

Re-allocates fielded buffer

Frstrindex, Frstrindex32(3fml)

Restores index in a buffer

Fsizeof, Fsizeof32(3fml)

Returns size of fielded buffer

Fstrerror, Fstrerror32(3fml)

Gets error message string for FML error

Ftypcvt, Ftypcvt32(3fml)

Converts from one field type to another

Ftype, Ftype32(3fml)

Returns pointer to type of field

Funindex, Funindex32(3fml)

Discards fielded buffer's index

Funused, Funused32(3fml)

Returns number of unused bytes in fielded buffer

Fupdate, Fupdate32(3fml)

Updates destination buffer with source

Fused, Fused32(3fml)

Returns number of used bytes in fielded buffer

Fvall, Fvall32(3fml)

Returns long value of field occurrence

Fvals, Fvals32(3fml)

Returns string value of field occurrence

Fvftos, Fvftos32(3fml)

Copies from fielded buffer to C structure

Fvneeded, Fvneeded32(3fml)

Computes size needed for view buffer

Fvnull, Fvnull32(3fml)

Checks if a structure element is null

Fvopt, Fvopt32(3fml)

Changes flag options of a mapping entry

Fvrefresh, Fvrefresh32(3fml)

Copies from C structure to fielded buffer

Fvselinit, Fvselinit32(3fml)

Initializes structure element to null

Fvsinit, Fvsinit32(3fml)

Initializes C structure to null

Fvstof, Fvstof32(3fml)

Copies from C structure to fielded buffer

Fvstot, Fvttos(3fml)

Converts C structure to/from target record type

Fwrite, Fwrite32(3fml)

Writes fielded buffer