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   BEA Tuxedo FML Function Reference

Fprint, Fprint32(3fml)


Fprint(), Fprint32() - print buffer to standard output


#include <stdio.h> 
#include "fml.h"

Fprint(FBFR *fbfr)

#include "fml32.h"

Fprint32(FBFR32 *fbfr)


Fprint() prints the specified buffer to the standard output. fbfr is a pointer to a fielded buffer. For each field in the buffer, the output prints the field name and field value separated by a tab. Fname() is used to determine the field name; if the field name cannot be determined, then the field identifier is printed. Non-printable characters in string and character array field values are represented by a backslash followed by their two-character hexadecimal value. A newline is printed following the output of the printed buffer.

For values of type FLD_PTR, Fprint32() prints the field name or field identifier and the pointer value in hexadecimal. Although this function prints pointer information, the Fextread32() function ignores the FLD_PTR field type.

For values of type FLD_FML32, Fprint32() recursively prints the FML32 buffer, with leading tabs added for each level of nesting. For values of type FLD_VIEW32, Fprint32() prints the VIEW32 field name and structure member name/value pairs.

Fprint32() is used with 32-bit FML.

A thread in a multithreaded application may issue a call to Fprint() or Fprint32() while running in any context state, including TPINVALIDCONTEXT.

Return Values

This function returns -1 on error and sets Ferror to indicate the error condition.


Under the following conditions, Fprint() fails and sets Ferror to:


"fielded buffer not aligned"
The buffer does not begin on the proper boundary.


"buffer not fielded"
The buffer is not a fielded buffer or has not been initialized by Finit().


"malloc failed"
Allocation of space dynamically using malloc() failed.

See Also

Introduction to FML Functions, Fextread, Fextread32(3fml), Ffprint, Ffprint32(3fml), Fname, Fname32(3fml)