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   BEA Tuxedo FML Function Reference

Ffprint, Ffprint32(3fml)


Ffprint(), Ffprint32() - print fielded buffer to specified stream


#include <stdio.h> 
#include "fml.h"
Ffprint(FBFR *fbfr, FILE *iop)
#include "fml32.h"
Ffprint32(FBFR32 *fbfr, FILE *iop)


Ffprint() is similar to Fprint(), except the text is printed to a specified output stream. fbfr is a pointer to a fielded buffer. iop is a pointer of type FILE that points to the output stream.

For each field in the buffer, the output prints the field name and field value separated by a tab. Fname() is used to determine the field name; if the field name cannot be determined, then the field identifier is printed. Non-printable characters in string and character array field values are represented by a backslash followed by their two-character hexadecimal value. A newline is printed following the output of the printed buffer.

For values of type FLD_PTR, Ffprint32() prints the field name or field identifier and the pointer value in hexadecimal. Although this function prints pointer information, the Fextread32() function ignores the FLD_PTR field type.

For values of type FLD_FML32, Ffprint32() recursively prints the FML32 buffer, with leading tabs added for each level of nesting. For values of type FLD_VIEW32, Ffprint32() prints the VIEW32 field name and structure member name/value pairs.

Ffprint32() is used with 32-bit FML.

A thread in a multithreaded application may issue a call to Ffprint() or Ffprint32() while running in any context state, including TPINVALIDCONTEXT.

Return Values

This function returns -1 on error and sets Ferror to indicate the error condition.


Under the following conditions, Ffprint() fails and sets Ferror to:


"fielded buffer not aligned"
The buffer does not begin on the proper boundary.


"buffer not fielded"
The buffer is not a fielded buffer or has not been initialized by Finit().


"malloc failed"
Allocation of space dynamically using malloc() failed.


This function is not supported using the BEA Tuxedo System Workstation DLL for OS/2 and Microsoft Windows.

See Also

Introduction to FML Functions, Fprint, Fprint32(3fml)