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Working with User Profiles


The following topics are covered here:

Editing user properties


Editing user properties

In this section, we set a particular user's Beanie Points value higher so we can see that the rules we create are operational.

  1. On the Administration Tools Home Page, click the User Management icon. The User Management home page appears.

  2. On the User Management home page, click Users in the Users banner. The Search for a User tool appears.

    To locate the appropriate user by name:

    1. Enter cool in the User Name field.

    2. Click search. The search returns the user named cool and displays a link to the user on the page. The search results appear at the bottom of the page.


      To see a list of all users within an alphabetized category:

  3. Click cool. The User Property view appears.

  4. Select the MyBuyBeansApp property set to view for cool from the drop-down list box and click search. The page refreshes and shows the user's values for the properties in the MyBuyBeansApp property set.

  5. Click edit on the BeaniePoints Properties bar. The Edit Property Values page appears.

  6. Enter 20 in the New Value field and click save. The page refreshes and confirms that the property was set correctly.

  7. Click back to return to the User Properties view page.

  8. Click finished to save the user's property set values. The system returns to the User Properties view page.

  9. Click home on the BEA WebLogic Personalization Server banner to return to the Administration Tools Home Page.