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BEA WebLogic Commerce Server with BEA WebLogic Personalization Server, Release 2.0

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BEA WebLogic Commerce Server lets you deliver personalized content on e-commerce Web sites

BEA WebLogic Commerce Servers...

  • a product family that consists of WebLogic Personalization Server and WebLogic Commerce Server (EJB Components).

  • ...allows you to rapidly build and deliver personalized content to users of your e-commerce site

  • you a jump on your competition by providing most e-commerce code you will need

  • ...provides Enterprise Java Beans that have been designed with built-in scalability features

  • ...provides standardized tools that let you extend the Component EJBs to match your specific application requirements

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Take the MyBuyBeans Personalization Tour !

 All Personalization Tour topics

 Getting Started...

 Working with Properties and Property Sets

 Generating Content

 Editing the MyBuyBeans Portal

 Creating JSP Files

 Deploying the New MyBuyBeans


Personalization: Developer's Guide

 All Personalization Server Developer's Guide topics

 Overview of Personalization Development

 Creating Personalized Applications with Personalization Advisor

 Foundation Classes and Utilities


Personalization: User's Guide

 All Personalization Server User's Guide topics


 Creating and Managing Portals

 Creating and Managing Property Sets

 Creating and Managing Users

 Creating and Managing Content

 Creating and Managing Rules



Java Server Page (JSP) Tags Reference

 All JSP Tags Reference topics

 Personalization Advisor Tags

 Content Management Tags

 Portal Management Tags

 User Management Tags

 Profile Management Tags

 Personalization Utilities Tags

 WebLogic Utilities Tags


Take the MyBuyBeans Components Tour !

 All Components Tour Topics

 Getting Started...

 Scenario: Beans & Co., The Online Beans Distributor






WLCS Components: Developer's Guide

 All WLCS Components Developer's Guide topics


 Components Catalog

 Development Process