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BEA WebLogic Integration™ 8.5 Service Pack 5

BEA WebLogic Integration™ is a single, comprehensive, standard-based solution for connecting applications, databases, enterprise information systems, business processes, and trading partners. WebLogic Integration provides a versatile and easy to use development environment for rapidly delivering business integration with simplified production and management. BEA WebLogic Integration 8.5 SP5 is used with BEA WebLogic Platform™ 8.1 SP5.

For users who do not require application integration or trading partner management functionality, WebLogic Server Process Edition™ is available.

Getting Started

Using Workshop Integration Help

Developing Business Processes

Importing and Exporting BPEL Files

Using Data Transformation

Developing Worklist Processes

Accessing Enterprise Resources

Using Application Views and Adapters

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Trading Partner Integration

Administration and Configuration


Samples and Best Practices


Other Sources of Information