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WebLogic Server Configuration Reference

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A WebLogic Domain.

A WebLogic Domain is a special target, the "Domain" target.


<!ELEMENT Domain ( SecurityConfiguration? | Security? | JTA? | WTCServer* | 
   Log? | SNMPAgent? | Server* | EmbeddedLDAP? | Administrator* |
   ApplicationManager* | Application* | BridgeDestination* | CachingRealm* |
   Cluster* | ConnectorComponent* | CustomRealm* | DomainLogFilter* |
   Domain* | EJBContainer* | FileRealm* | FileT3 (Deprecated)* | JDBCConnectionPool* |
   JDBCDataSourceFactory* | JDBCDataSource* | JDBCMultiPool* |
   JDBCPoolComponent* | JDBCTxDataSource* | JMSBridgeDestination* |
   JMSConnectionFactory* | JMSDistributedQueue* | JMSDistributedTopic* |
   JMSFileStore* | JMSJDBCStore* | JMSServer* | JMSStore* |
   JoltConnectionPool* | JTAMigratableTarget* | JTARecoveryService* |
   LDAPRealm* | Machine* | MailSession* | MessagingBridge* |
   MigratableRMIService* | NetworkChannel* | NTRealm* | PasswordPolicy* |
   RDBMSRealm* | RMCFactory* | ShutdownClass* | SNMPJMXMonitor* |
   SNMPTrapSource* | StartupClass* | UnixMachine* | UnixRealm* |
   WebServiceComponent* | WLECConnectionPool* | WTCResources* |
   WTCtBridgeGlobal* | XMLEntityCache* | XMLRegistry* )* >
<!ATTLIST Domain
   AdministrationPort         CDATA                    "9002"
   AdministrationPortEnabled  (true | false)           "false"
   ConfigurationVersion       CDATA                    #IMPLIED
   ConsoleContextPath         CDATA                    "console"
   ConsoleEnabled             (true | false)           "true"
   LastModificationTime       CDATA                    "0"
   Name                       CDATA                    #REQUIRED
   Notes                      CDATA                    #IMPLIED
   RootDirectory              CDATA                    #IMPLIED

Parent Elements

The Domain element is a child of the Domain element.


Table 12-1 DomainMBean Element Attributes



Range of Values and Default

Console Label


The common secure administration port for the domain. The administration port uses SSL so all the servers require to have SSL if the administration port is enabled in the domain. If administration port is enabled then each server in the same domain should setup a administration port either using the domain's administration port or overriding it by using the server's administration port The managed server will require to use to connect to the admin server

Default: 9002

Minimum: 1

Maximum: 65534

Domain Wide Administration Port


Indicates whether or not the administration port should be enabled for the domain. This will force all the servers in a domain to have the same view of setting up the server's administration port.

Default: false

Enable Domain Wide Administration Port (Please configure SSL)


The release identifier for the configuration. This identifier will be used to indicate the version of the configuration. All server generated configurations will be established with the release identifier of the running server. The form of the version is major.minor.servicepack.rollingpatch. Not all parts of the version are required. i.e. "7" is acceptable.

Default: null

Configuration Version


Specifies the context path for the WLS console.

Default: "console"

Console Context Path


Indicates whether the WLS console should be auto-deployed for this domain.

Default: true

Console Enabled


The last time this domain was updated. This is guaranteed to be unique for a given transactional modification.

Default: 0

Last Modified on


The name of this configuration. WebLogic Server uses an MBean to implement and persist the configuration.



Optional information that you can include to describe this configuration.



The root directory for the domain. In other words for a server process [ServerMBean.getRootDirectory] or [ServerMBean.getDomainDirectory]

Root Directory



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