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JRockit for Windows and Linux User Guide

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Introduction to BEA WebLogic JRockit

What is JRockit?

Why Should I Use JRockit?

What Platforms Does JRockit Support?

How to Print JRockit Documents

Documentation Conventions

JRockit Support

Understanding JRockit

Code Generation

Memory Management


Installing JRockit as Part of WebLogic Server 8.1

How to Install JRockit 8.1 Beta with the WebLogic Server 8.1 Installer

Selecting a Different JVM

More Installation Information

Configuring and Running JRockit

Setting Up JRockit by Using Standard Command Line Options

Setting Standard Output Options

Changing JRockit Behavior by Using -X Options

Preventing JRockit from Initiating Shutdown After Receiving a Logoff Event

Configuring Garbage Collection and Thread Management by Using -X Options

Configuring the JRockit Thread System

Native Threads

Thin Threads

Choosing a Thread System

Pros and Cons

Threading System Selection Matrix

Implementing a Thread System

Configuring the Thread System

Setting the Type of Thread Allocation

Setting the Thread Stack Size

Configuring the JRockit Memory Management System

Memory Management Terminology

JRockit Garbage Collectors

Generational Copying Garbage Collectors

Concurrent Garbage Collectors

Single Spaced Concurrent

Generational Concurrent

Parallel Garbage Collectors

Choosing a Garbage Collection Method

Pros and Cons

Garbage Collector Selection Matrix

Implementing a Garbage Collector

Configuring the Garbage Collector

Printing a Comprehensive Report

Setting the Initial and Maximum Heap Size

Setting the Size of the Nursery

Setting the Type of Thread Allocation

Defining When a Memory Space will be Cleared

Printing the Pause Times

System Defaults

Heap Size

Garbage Collector

Nursery Size

Thread Stack Size

Allocation Type

Clear Type

Configuring JRockit for WebLogic Server 8.1

Optimal JRockit Settings for WebLogic Server

Using the JRockit Management Console

Console Overhead

Starting the Console

Enable the Management Server

Start the JRockit Management Console

Set the Port

Change the Number of Connections

Parts of the Console

Setting Up the Console

Making Connections

Creating a New Folder

Creating a New Connection

Connecting a Connection to JRockit

Disconnecting a Connection from JRockit

Renaming a Connection or Folder

Removing a Connection or Folder

Hiding Disconnected Connections

Enabling Console Settings

Setting the Operation Mode

Setting Other Preferences

Customizing the Display

Using the Settings File

Using the Console

Information Tabs

Overview Tab

Memory Tab

Processor Tab

System Tab

Notification Tab

View Historical Data

Using Advanced Features of the Console

View Thread Stack Dump

Method Profiling Tab

Exception Counting Tab

Closing the Console

JVM Tools


How JVMPI Works

Changing the JVMPI Default Behavior

JVMPI Documentation


How JVMDI Works

JVMDI Documentation


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