7.1 Creating a Content Server Connection

To connect Oracle I/PM to a Content Server document repository, do the following:

  1. From the navigator pane, under Manage Connections, click the Add icon and select the Create Content Server Connection. The Content Server Connection Basic Information Page is displayed.

  2. Enter a name for the connection. The name will display in the Manage Connections panel. This field is required.

  3. Enter a brief description of the connection and click Next. The Content Server Connection Content Server Settings Page is displayed.

  4. Enter the name of the repository proxy. The repository proxy is a user created in Content Server when Oracle I/PM is installed. The proxy is given rights to Content Server that allows it to fulfill requests to Content Server on behalf of I/PM users who may not have the necessary rights in Content Server to perform the required tasks. For example, a user may have the rights in I/PM to create an application and add metadata fields, but may not have the rights in Content Server to create metadata fields to support the application. When the application is created, the request to Content Server to create the necessary metadata fields is made by the repository proxy. By default, the repository proxy name is fmwadmin. This field is required.

  5. Optionally, enable SSL to connect to the repository over SSL. Additional steps are required and must be completed prior to enabling this field. See "Configuring SSL Connection to Content Server Repository".

  6. Specify the hostname or IP address, domain, and port number of the Content Server. For example, enter contentserver.company.com in the Machine field, and 4444 in the Server Port field. These fields are required and must be unique for each connection. You can optionally specify a secondary Content Server as well.

  7. Click Next. The Content Server Connection Security Page is displayed.

  8. Add any additional users required. To add a user, do the following:

    1. Click Add. The Add Security Member Page is displayed.

    2. Select either Search Groups or Search Users, then click Search. A listing of available groups or users is displayed.

    3. Select the users or groups to be added. You can make multiple selections by holding down the Control or Shift key on your keyboard when making a selection.

    4. When you have selected all the users or groups you wish to add to the connection, click Add. The Add Security Member page is closed and the new users or groups are listed on the Connection Security page.

  9. Enable the security permissions desired for each user or group and click Next. The Content Server Connection Review Settings Page is displayed.

  10. Ensure that settings are correct. If they are not, click Back to return to the page you need to modify, or click the link in the navigation train to return directly to the desired page. When satisfied with the settings, return to the Review settings page and click Submit.

7.1.1 Configuring SSL Connection to Content Server Repository

Before enabling SSL on the Content Server Connection Content Server Settings Page, you must first configure Content Server to accept SSL connections. For information on configuring Content Server t cce SSL connections, see the Remote Intradoc Client (RIDC) Developer Guide.