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Part I Pricing Concepts

1 About Creating a Price List

2 Understanding the Sample Pricing Plans

Part II Setting Up Pricing

3 Setting Up Price List Data

4 Policy-Driven Charging

5 Working with Provisioning Tags

6 Working with Extended Rating Attributes

7 Rating Implementation and Customization

8 Testing Your Price List

9 Using the XML Pricing Interface to Create a Price List

10 Migrating Price List Data from Legacy Databases

11 About Real-Time Rate Plans

12 Real-Time Rating Based on Multiple RUMs

13 Rating Based on Multiple RUMs with Pipeline Manager

14 Real-Time Rating Based on Date and Time

15 Real-Time Rating Based on Event or Resource Quantity

16 Using Event Attributes to Rate Events in Real Time

17 About Pipeline Rate Plans

18 Setting Up Pipeline Price List Data

19 Rating by Date and Time with Pipeline Manager

20 Setting Up Zones for Batch Pipeline Rating

Part III Using UE Loader to Import Service Usage Events

21 About Rating Events Created by External Sources

22 Loading Events from External Sources

Part IV Setting Up Rerating

23 About Rerating Events

24 About Real-Time Rerating Pipelines

25 About Rerating Pipeline-Rated Events

26 Using Event Extraction Manager

27 Configuring Rerating in Pipeline Manager

28 About Comprehensive Rerating Using pin_rerate

29 Configuring Comprehensive Rerating

30 Using the pin_rerate Utility

Part V Pricing and Rerating Utilities

31 Pricing Utilities

32 Rerating Utilities