MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0

14.15 Information Functions

Table 14.20 Information Functions

Name Description
BENCHMARK() Repeatedly execute an expression
CHARSET() Return the character set of the argument
COERCIBILITY() Return the collation coercibility value of the string argument
COLLATION() Return the collation of the string argument
CONNECTION_ID() Return the connection ID (thread ID) for the connection
CURRENT_ROLE() Return the current active roles
CURRENT_USER(), CURRENT_USER The authenticated user name and host name
DATABASE() Return the default (current) database name
FOUND_ROWS() For a SELECT with a LIMIT clause, the number of rows that would be returned were there no LIMIT clause
ICU_VERSION() ICU library version
LAST_INSERT_ID() Value of the AUTOINCREMENT column for the last INSERT
ROLES_GRAPHML() Return a GraphML document representing memory role subgraphs
ROW_COUNT() The number of rows updated
SCHEMA() Synonym for DATABASE()
SESSION_USER() Synonym for USER()
SYSTEM_USER() Synonym for USER()
USER() The user name and host name provided by the client
VERSION() Return a string that indicates the MySQL server version