Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center Implementation Guide


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Manufacturing Operations Center Introduction

Manufacturing Operations Center Overview
Technology Overview
Architecture Overview
Manufacturing Operations Center Instances
Source Data Time Zone
Unit of Measure Conversion
Currency Conversion

Responsibilities and Menus

Responsibilities and Menus Overview

Setup Overview

Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center Setup Overview

Oracle Warehouse Builder Setup

Oracle Warehouse Builder Setup Steps
Customizing the OWB Repository for Two EBS Systems
Customizing the OWB Repository for One EBS System and One Non-EBS System

Setting Up Source Systems

Source System Setup Steps
Source System Setup: Microsoft Excel Template
Source Systems Setup Maintenance

Setting Up Sites

Overview of Sites
Site Set Up Steps
Plant Setup: Microsoft Excel Templates
Site Maintenance
Running Seed Data Process Flows
Setting Up Sites
Viewing Sites Summary
Viewing Sites
Updating Sites

Setting Up Sustainability Aspect

Setting Up Sustainability Aspect
Setting Up Site Sustainability
Adding Site Sustainability
Viewing Site Sustainability
Updating Site Sustainability Aspect Details

Setting Up Time Dimension Hierarchies

Time Dimension Hierarchies Overview
Defining the Manufacturing Operations Center Calendar
Graveyard Shift Option
Populating the Workday Shift Calendar
Performing Entity Shift Setup
Editing Shifts for Exceptions
Changing the Shift Boundary
Changing a Shift Name
Adding a New Shift
Catch All Shift
Time Dimension Hierarchy Maintenance

Setting Up Item Dimensions

Dimension Levels
Item Dimension Setup Steps
Item Master: CSV Templates
Item Dimension Maintenance

Setting Up Equipment Dimensions

Overview of Equipment Dimension
Equipment Hierarchy Setup Process
Equipment Hierarchy: Microsoft Excel Templates
Adding Equipment
Viewing Equipment Details
Updating Equipment
Adding a Resource
Viewing Resource Details
Updating a Resource
Viewing Entities
Adding a User Defined Entity
Updating a User Defined Entity
Overview of Entity Hierarchy
Defining a Hierarchy
Defining Levels
Building Hierarchies
Moving Entities

Load Data Reference and Transaction Data

EBS Data Collection
CSV (Comma Separated Values) Template Data Collection

Profile Options

MTH: Item Classification for Extensible Attributes
MTH: Equipment Classification for Extensible Attributes
MTH: Catch All Shift Name
MTH: System Global Name
MTH: Mail Server Name
MTH: Mail Server Port
MTH: Notification Display Name
MTH: SOA Proxy Server
MTH: OWB Source Location
MTH: Source DB Service Name
MTH: Planned Energy Usage Period Type
MTH: Shifts Setup
MTH: Global Currency UOM

Setting Up Tags and Contextualization

Tag Setup
Customizing Business Rules in OWB
Contextualization Entities
Contextualization Methods
Tag-Based Contextualization
Contextualization by Schedule
Manual Contextualization
Non-contextualized Rows
Reason Code Setup
Loading Tag Data into Summary Tables
Menus and Responsibility for Contextualization
Understanding Actual and Virtual Meters
Understanding the Meter Readings Process Flow
Viewing Meter Summary
Viewing Meters
Adding Meters
Updating Meters
Assigning Meters

Setting Up Extensible Attributes

Setting Up Extensible Attributes
Setting Up Profile Options
Creating Attribute Groups
Creating Attributes
Viewing Attribute Group Details
Updating Attribute Group Details
Defining Classifications
Viewing Classifications
Attaching Attribute Groups to Classifications
Creating Pages
Populating Data

Setting Up the OBIEE Repository and Dashboards

OBIEE Repository Setup
Materialized Views

Maintenance of Manufacturing Operations Center

Scheduling Process Flows