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Oracle Field Service Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E12786-04
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Oracle Field Service Implementation Guide


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Oracle Field Service Suite Overview
Oracle Field Service Overview

Architectural Overview and Technology Requirements

Architectural Overview
Software and Hardware Requirements

Mandatory and Conditional Dependencies

Field Service Mandatory Dependencies
Field Service Conditional Dependencies
Advanced Scheduler Mandatory Dependencies
Advanced Scheduler Conditional Dependencies

Performance Requirements and High Availability

About High Availability
About Mapping Responsibilities
      Seeded Responsibilities
      Mapping Responsibilities
Concurrent Programs Supported in Field Service in High Availability
User Actions Supported in High Availability

E-Business Suite Application Implementation Tasks

Summary of E-Business Suite Implementation Tasks
Setting Up the System Administrator
Defining Key Flexfields
Defining Calendars, Currencies, and Set of Books
      Defining a Calendar
      Defining Currencies
      Defining a Set of Books
      Opening and Closing Accounting Periods
Confirming Setup of Territory Manager
Setting up Field Service Customers and Resources
      Confirming Setup of Customer Model 11
      Confirming Setup of Employees
      Confirming Setup of Resources
      Confirming Setup of Calendar
      Defining a Calendar
      Defining Calendar Exceptions
      Assigning Resources to Calendar
      Defining Shifts
      Assigning Shifts/Exceptions to Calendar
Confirming Setup of Inventory
      Defining Unit of Measure
      Checking Profile Option for Operating Unit Setting
      Defining Subinventories
      Additional Setup Required for Intransit Subinventory
      Setting up Account Aliases
      Defining Items
      Setting Up On Hand Quantity for Items
      Setting up Counters
      Defining Planners
      Defining Shipment Methods
      Defining Freight Carriers
Confirming Setup of Order Management
      Setting Up Price Lists
      Setting Up Oracle Work In Process
      Setting Up Oracle Bills of Material
      Setting Up Oracle Purchasing
Setting Up Business Processes
Setting up the Field Service Request and Solution
      Confirming Setup of Install Base
      Confirming Setup of Service Contracts
      Confirming Setup of Contracts Core
      Confirming Setup of Assignment Manager
      Confirming Setup of Service Requests
      Confirming Setup of Knowledge Management
      Confirming Setup of Tasks
      Setting Up Task Status, Transition Rules, and Cross-Task Validation
      Setting Up Task Type
      Setting Up Task Priority
      Setting Up Task Manager Profile Options
      Confirming Setup of Escalation Management
      Confirming Setup of Notes
      Confirming Setup of Interaction History
      Setting Up Transaction Billing Types
      Confirming Setup of Charges

Field Service Implementation Tasks

Field Service Implementation Task Summary
Creating Field Service Territories
      Creating Field Service Territories
      Running the Synchronize Territory Assignment Rules Program
Setting Up Skills Management
Setting Up Internal Field Service Resources
      Creating an Employee Resource
      Creating an Applications User ID
      Creating Supplier Contacts (Non-Employee Resources)
      Importing the Field Service Employee or Supplier Contact into the CRM Resource Manager
      Assigning the Resource to a Calendar
      Assigning Technician Resources to a Territory
      Maintaining Technician Addresses and Sub-Inventories
      Assigning Skills and Skill Levels to Technicians
      Assigning Role and Role Type to the Resource
      Adding the Dispatcher Resource Record to a Planner Group
      Assigning Territories to Planner Groups
      Associating Territories to a Dispatcher
Setting up Third Party Field Service Resources
      Creating Third Party Resource Records
      Setting up Third Party Administrators
      Setting up Third Party Technicians
Generating Field Service Trips
      Running the Generate Field Service Trips Concurrent Program
      Defining an Executable
      Setting Up the Generate Field Service Trips Concurrent Program
Activating Automatic Commitment of Tasks
Setting up the Technician and Administrator Portals
      Defining Material Justification Codes
      Defining Labor Justification Codes
      Defining Expense Justification Codes
      Setting Up Billing Types and Service Activity Codes
      Setting Up Oracle E-Records and E-Signatures for Field Service
Setting up the Field Service Dispatch Center
      Setting Up Query Selection for Task Owner Context Enforcement
      Configuring Tasks List Table Attribute Display
      Setting Up Task Custom Color Coding
      Setting Up the Scheduling Chart View
Setting Up the Map
      Setting Up Spatial Data
      Setting Up Google Maps
      Purging Field Service Data
      Setting Up GPS
      Implementing and Managing GPS Vendors and Devices
      Starting GPS and Registering Vendors and Devices
      Registering and Assigning GPS Devices
      Tracking GPS Path of Resource
      Purging GPS Data
      Scheduling the Purge GPS Location Feeds Program
      Monitoring Submitted Purge Jobs

Spares Management Implementation Tasks

Setting Up Oracle Spares Management
Defining Forecast Rules
Setting Up a Forecast Rule
Selecting a Forecast Rule
Defining Calculation Rules
Defining Excess Rules
Defining Excess Reject Reasons
Creating Business Rules to Automate Warehouse Notifications
Defining Manual Override Reasons
Defining Task Parts
Defining Parts Priorities
Defining Delivery Times
Setting up Reschedule Rules
Setting Up Warehouse Replenishment Planning
Defining Excess and Defective Warehouses and Repair Suppliers
Defining Excess Warehouses and Assigning to the Warehouse Being Planned
Defining Defective Warehouse Organizations
Defining and Assigning Internal Repair Suppliers
Defining and Assigning Planned Order Release Automation Business Rules
Setting Up Other Warehouse Planning Parameters
Defining Planning Parameters to Create Min-Max levels for a Warehouse or Technician
Setting Up Lead Times for Warehouse Replenishment Planning
Setting Up External Repair Execution
Setting Up Repair Parameters
Setting Profile Options for External Repair Execution
Setting Up Parts Search and Ordering Profile Options

Setting Up Oracle Advanced Scheduler

Oracle Advanced Scheduler Implementation Task Sequence
      Confirming Implementation of Field Service
      Confirming Setup of Spares Management
      Confirming Setup and Loading Spatial Data
Setting Up Oracle Advanced Scheduler
      Activating Oracle Advanced Scheduler
      Configuring Scheduler Rules
Setting up Additional Scheduler Features
      Setting Up Tasks Longer Than a Standard Shift
      Setting Up Access Hours and After Hours Constraints
      Marking a Task to Indicate Customer Confirmation Requirement
      Setting Up Advanced Scheduler and Time and Distance Calculations
      Setting Up Advanced Scheduler to Use Time Distance Calculations
      Understanding Time Distance Scheduling Modes
      Calculating Actual Travel Time and Distance (Street Level Routing)
      Calculating Estimated Travel Time and Distance (Point-to-Point or As the Crow Flies)
      Using Default Values for Travel Time and Distance Calculation
      Automating Scheduling and Commitment of Tasks
      Defining Task Queries for Autonomous Scheduler and Auto Commit Process
      Launching the Autonomous Scheduler
      Defining an Executable
      Defining Program Parameters

Preventive Maintenance Setup Steps

Preventive Maintenance Setup Summary
Preventive Maintenance Business Process
Setting Up Preventive Maintenance Programs
Implementation Task Sequence for Preventive Maintenance
Create Users and Add Preventive Maintenance Responsibilities
Create PM Request Type and Map to Responsibilities
Create Resource Group of Preventive Maintenance
Create Preventive Maintenance Territory and Assign Resources
Create Task Template Groups and Task Templates
Create Master Items
Create Counter Groups and Counters
Create Preventive Maintenance Programs
Create Coverage Templates for PM Programs
Set Up Service Program/Warranty for Service Contracts
Add Service Program/Warranty Items to Price List

Windows/Pages and Navigation Paths

Overview of Field Service Windows and Navigation Paths
Windows/Pages and Navigator Paths

Profile Options

Overview of Profile Options
Field Service Profile Options

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

21 CFR Part 11 Overview