Oracle Install Base User's Guide


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Oracle Install Base - General Information

Overview of Oracle Install Base

Definition of Oracle Install Base
Oracle Applications That Use Oracle Install Base
Examples of Transactions That Use Oracle Install Base

Managing Searches

Item Instance and System Search Overview
Performing Simple Searches
Performing Advanced Searches
Creating and Personalizing Views
Using Views

Managing Item Instances in Oracle Install Base

Searching for Item Instances
Creating Item Instances
Viewing and Updating Item Instance Details
Viewing Item Instance Details
Updating Item Instance Details
Item Instance Details Processing Overview
Item Instance Details Header - Processing Options
Item Instance Tabs - Processing Options
Other Item Instance Details Panel - Processing Options
Shortcuts Panel - Processing Options
Miscellaneous Item Instance Processing Options
Managing General Attributes
Managing Location Attributes
Managing Associations
Managing Configurations
Layout and Usage of the Configuration Tab
Oracle Install Base Configuration Support
Understanding Relationship Types
Adding Child Item Instances
Creating Child Item Instances
Managing Counters
Managing Notes
Managing Maintenance Attributes
Viewing Transactional History
Viewing Item Instance History
Viewing Item Instance and Asset Network Relationships
Managing Operating Units
Viewing Contracts
Managing Orders and Pricing Attributes
Viewing Service Requests
Viewing Repair Orders
Managing Work Orders and Work Requests
Splitting Quantities
Transferring Ownership
Creating a Service Request
Viewing Impacted Contracts
Copying Item Instances

Working with Systems

Managing Systems
Searching for Systems
Creating Systems
Viewing and Updating Systems
Viewing System Details
Updating System Details
Working with System Configurations
Viewing All or Active Item Instances in a System

Using the Transactions Tab

Searching Transactions

Using the Mass Update Facility

About Mass Update Batch Types
Overview of the Mass Update Batch Creation Process
Overview of Mass Update Stage Operations
      Mass Update Batch Statuses
Managing Mass Update Batches
      Automatic Validation
Searching for Existing Mass Update Batches
Creating Mass Update Batches
Selecting Item Instances
Creating a New Batch
Adding Item Instances to a Batch
Entering New Values for Transfer Owner Batches
Entering New Value Fields
      Entering New General Fields
      Entering New Current and Install Location Fields
      Entering New Bill To and Ship To Location Fields
      Entering New Additional Attribute Fields
Entering New Values for Move Batches
Entering New Values for General Batches
Entering New Values for Terminate Batches
Updating Associations
Entering and Viewing Contract Options
Scheduling Mass Update Batches
Viewing Mass Update Batch Details
Updating Mass Update Batches
Removing Item Instances from Mass Update Batches
Viewing Output of a Failed Mass Update Batch
Deleting Mass Update Batches

Performing Oracle Install Base Related Tasks in Other Oracle Applications

Using the Order Management Transaction Details Window
Using the WIP Component Install Window
Using the Order Management Item Instance Query Window

Using the Open Interface Program

Overview of the Open Interface Program
Running the Open Interface Program
Guidelines for Loading Open Interface Tables
Considerations for Populating Open Interface Tables
Example of Creating Instances in Oracle Install Base Using the Open Interface Tables
      Initial Setup
      Load the Interface Tables
      Run Installed Base Open Interface Program
      Confirm Records Created Successfully

Purging Transaction History

Running the Concurrent Program


Overview of Counters

About Counters
Use of Counters in Oracle Applications
Counters Terminology
Overview of Setting Up and Creating Counters
Counter Types
About Source and Target Counters
About Counter Properties
Overview of Setup and Usage of Counter Properties
Example of Setup and Usage of Counter Properties
About Estimation Methods

Setting Up Counters

Setup Checklist
      Setup Steps in Oracle Install Base
Defining Counter Property Value Types and Values
Defining Adjustment Reading Types Lookups
Managing Estimation Methods
Searching for Estimation Methods
Creating and Updating Estimation Methods
Counters Setup Overview
Contract Item Counter Setup Overview
Trackable Item Counter Setup Overview
Managing Counter Groups
Searching for Counter Groups
Creating Counter Groups
Viewing Counter Groups
Updating Counter Groups
Managing Counter Templates
Searching for Counter Templates
Creating Counters
Creating Standard Regular Counters (Templates and Instances)
Associating Objects to Counters (Templates and Instances)
Creating Time-Based Regular Counters (Templates and Instances)
Creating Formula Counters (Templates and Instances)
Entering Formula Details
Entering Formula Details Example
Creating Average Counters (Templates and Instances)
Creating Count and Sum Counters (Templates and Instances)
Viewing and Updating Counter Templates

Managing Counter Instances in Oracle Install Base

Overview of Counter Instances
Managing Counter Instances
Searching for Counter Instances
Creating Counter Instances
Viewing and Updating Counter Instances
Managing Readings for Counter Instances
Entering Counter Readings in Oracle Install Base
Entering Counter Readings (Detailed Steps)
Viewing and Entering Additional Counter Reading Data
Entering Counter Readings from Other Oracle Applications
Viewing Target Counter Instances
Viewing Reading History for Counter Instances
Performing Mass Readings
Viewing Reading Locks on Counter Instances
Managing Daily Usage for Counter Instances

Administering Counters

Setting the Time Based Counters Engine
Setting Profile Options
Using the Counter Readings Open Interface

Oracle Transactions Interfacing with Oracle Install Base

Transaction List

The Open Interface Tables

Oracle Install Base Open Interface Tables
Main Columns of the CSI_INTERFACE_SOURCES Table
Main Columns of the CSI_INSTANCE_INTERFACE Table
Main Columns of the CSI_I_PARTY_INTERFACE Table
Main Columns of the CSI_II_RELATION_INTERFACE Table
Main Columns of the CSI_IEA_VALUE_INTERFACE Table
Main Columns of the CSI_ASSET_INTERFACE Table
Main Columns of the CSI_CTR_READINGS_INTERFACE Table
Main Columns of the CSI_CTR_READ_PROP_INTERFACE Table