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Oracle Telephony Adapter SDK Developers Reference Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13402-04
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Oracle Telephony Adapter SDK Developers Reference Guide


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Introduction to the Oracle Telephony Adapter SDK

Oracle Interaction Center and Oracle Advanced Inbound Telephony
Overview of Oracle Telephony Adapter SDK
Advanced Integration
Standard Integration
Basic Integration
Direct Integration
New in This Release
Approaching an SDK Project

SDK Concepts

Adapter Implementation
Oracle Telephony Adapter API Objects
Call Data
Media Item ID
Media Item ID Model

Development Environment

Minimum Hardware Requirements
Minimum Software Requirements

Oracle Telephony Adapter SDK Components

Installing Oracle Telephony Adapter SDK
Package Contents
SDK for Java
SDK for C
Oracle Telephony SDK Integrated Test Utility

Testing the Telephony Adapter

Starting and Stopping the Test Utility
Using Log Windows
Oracle Telephony Adapter Server
Configuring the Oracle Telephony Adapter Server Log
Configuring Middleware
Starting and Stopping Oracle Telephony Adapter Server
Verification Tool
Configuring the Verification Process
Configuring Agent Information
Starting and Stopping the Verification Tool
TeleDevice Test Utility
Assigning TeleDevices
Connecting and Disconnecting a TeleDevice
Deassigning a TeleDevice
Viewing Events
Invoking API Methods
Disconnecting a TeleDevice
Launching the Softphone
Closing the Softphone
Switch Simulator
Starting and Stopping the Switch Simulator
Configuring Switch Simulator Server Settings
Configuring Simulated Extensions and Route Points
Configuring the Switch Simulator for Standard or Advanced Integration
Configuring the Switch Simulator for Basic Integration

Deploying the Telephony Adapter

Introduction to Deploying the Telephony Adapter

Basic Integration

Understanding Basic Integration
User Interface
User Actions and Corresponding Basic Telephony Integration Actions
Software Requirements and Development Strategies
Implementing Basic Integration
Implementing Callouts
Error Reporting
Setting the Mode of a Screen-Pop Form
Implementing Events
Additional Interaction Keys
Deploying Basic Integration
Media Action Configuration
User Profile Configuration
Implementing Basic Web Callback
Testing Basic Implementation
Testing with SDK Integrated Test Utility
Testing with Oracle an Oracle E-Business Suite Application
Sample Code
Switch Simulator

Direct Integration

Introduction to Direct Integration

Oracle Advanced Outbound Extension

Advanced Outbound Extension Architecture
Programming Languages
Implementing AnalogExtensionDevice
Implementing VduDevice
Testing Advanced Outbound Extension
Deploying Advanced Outbound Extension

Business Application Considerations

Special Ready/Not Ready State Requirement for Oracle Universal Work Queue Get Work Model

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

SDK Integrated Test Utility
Verification Tool
Oracle Telephony Adapter Server Logging
      Accessing Oracle Telephony Adapter Server Logs
      Configuring Oracle Telephony Adapter Server Logs
Oracle Telephony Adapter Server Startup Sequence
Database Layer
Socket Layer
Adapter Layer
Successful Startup
Tracking SDK APIs and Events
SDK API Traces
SDK Exception Traces
SDK Event Traces
Sample Traces
Interruption of OTAS and CTI Connection
Common Adapter Errors
Compiling Sample Code

SDK Scope Analysis


Telephony Adapter Test Cases

Test Procedures

Sample Code

Sample Codes for Integration Levels and Extension
Switch Simulator Overview
Sample Adapter Design for Standard and Advanced Integration
Sample Adapter Design for Basic Integration

SDK Qualification Worksheet

What ACD/PBXs are supported?
What, if any, CTI middlewares are supported?
Does the customer already have CTI middleware or a preference for a particular CTI middleware?
How many agents does Oracle Interaction Center have?
How many sites does the customer want to CTI enable?
(Only if # 5 is yes) If the customer wants to enable multiple sites, they want:
Is the customer an existing Oracle E-Business Suite customer?
In which Oracle Advanced Inbound Telephony features is the customer interested?
Does the interaction center have automated outbound dialing? (outbound telesales campaigns)
10. Does Oracle Interaction Center have an IVR?
What is the $US total license revenue?
What is the implementation project time line?
What is the consulting budget?