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Oracle Quoting Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13462-07
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Oracle Quoting Implementation Guide


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Oracle Quoting Overview
Oracle Quoting Key Features

Verify Mandatory Dependencies

Oracle Quoting Mandatory Dependencies
Setting up Oracle Receivables
Setting up Tax Locations
Setting up Oracle Advanced Pricing
Setting up Oracle General Ledger
Setting up Oracle Inventory
Setting up Invoiceable Items
Setting up Oracle Order Management
Oracle Quoting Optional Integrations
How to Verify Specific Set Ups for Dependencies

Implementation Overview

Oracle Quoting Implementation Overview
Process Description
Implementation Task Sequence

Implementation Tasks for Oracle Quoting

Setting Up Quote Status and Quote Status Transitions
Rules for Quote Status Changes
Setting System Profile Options
Assigning a Seeded Oracle Quoting Responsibility to a User
Modifying Seeded Lookup Types
Setting Up TCA SmartMatch
Setting Up Quoting Parameters
Setting up the Default Expiration Date
Creating a Quote Template from a Quote
Applying Quote Template with Different or Same Operating Unit as the Quote’s Operating Unit
Setting up Overrideable Modifiers
Multi-Currency Price Lists
Promotional Goods
Setting up Security
Enabling View Margin
Creating a Resource
Setting Up Manager Roles
Setting up a Group
Verify Group Setup
Setting Up Sales Team Assignment and Sales Credit Allocation
Automatic Sales Credit Allocation — External Engine
Setting Up Security Code for Credit Card Payments
Setting Up the Print Quote Functionality
Setting Up Print Quote
Product Categories
Setting up Manual Pricing and Tax Calculation Request Options
Refreshing the Search Index
Setting Up Account Creation Requirements for Quotes
Changing Quote To Customer for a Quote
Setting Up Validations for Model Configurations
Quoting Integration with Oracle Proposals
Setting up Web Publishing Functionality
Setting up Approvals
Setting up Availability to Promise (ATP)
Setting up Sales Contracts
Setting Up Credit Check Functionality
Internal Credit Check
Defining Credit Check Rules
External Credit Check
Implementing User Hooks
Setting up QA Check
Purging Quotes
Setting up Sales Supplement Templates
Creating Additional Attachments Document Categories
Defining Descriptive Flexfield Information
Specifying Flexfields
Notes from Opportunities
Tasks From Opportunities (HTML only)
Enabling Oracle Quoting Features with OA Personalization (HTML Only)
Using Folder Functionality to Customize Forms
Verify the Implementation

Setting Up Defaulting Rules

Overview of Defaulting Rules
Creating Defaulting Rules
Changing the Seeded Dependency in Defaulting Rules
Concurrent Programs in Defaulting Rules
Seeded API Signature for the PL/SQL Source Type

Setting Up Web Publishing

Overview of Web Publishing
Enabling Web Publishing
Setting Up a Specialty Site
Customizing Publish Notifications

Integrating Oracle Quoting With Oracle Approvals Management

Setting Up Approvals Functionality

Integrating Oracle Quoting With Oracle Sales Contracts

Overview of Quoting/Sales Contracts Integration
Contract Terms Library Setup
Authoring Contract Terms
Validation of Contract Terms
Printing Quotes With Contract Terms
Enabling Sales Contracts Functionality

Integrating Oracle Quoting With Oracle Incentive Compensation

Overview of OIC Integration
Setting Up Sales Credit Allocation
Seeded Attributes
Setting Up Projected Commission Calculation

Integrating Oracle Quoting With Oracle Territory Manager

Overview of Territory Manager Integration
Setting Up Sales Team Assignment Functionality
Territory Qualifiers Supported by Oracle Quoting

Profiles in Oracle Quoting

Setting System Profile Options
Profile Categories
Profile Options for Enabling Quote Features
Profile Options for Functional Security
Profile Options for Order Conversion
Profile Options for Payments
Profile Options for Pricing
Profile Options for Printing
Profile Options for Product, Quote Searches
Profile Options for Sales Credits
Profile Options for Data Security
Profile Options for Defaulting
Profile Options for Debug
Profile Options for ATP
Profile Options for Credit Check
Profile Options for Customers
Profile Options for Configuring the User Interface
Additional Profiles for Quoting Setup and Integration
Oracle Pricing Profile Options for Quoting
Oracle Quoting Obsoleted Profiles

Seeded Roles and Responsibilities

Oracle Forms Responsibilities
Oracle CRM Applications Responsibilities
Oracle Quoting UI Responsibilities

Oracle Quoting Security Scenarios

Scenario 1 — Organization Split Into Regions and Districts
Scenario 2 — Security Based on Profile Options/OA Personalization
      Scenario 3 — Quote Access Security for Sales Teams
Scenario 4 — Call Center Environment
Scenario 5— Automatic Sales Team Assignment
Scenario 6— View/Modify Sales Credits

Seeded Lookup Types

Oracle Quoting Lookup Types

Seeded Attributes in Oracle Approvals Management (OAM)

Commonly Used OAM Seeded Attributes
Mandatory Seeded OAM Attributes
Non-Mandatory Seeded OAM Attributes

Category Set Usage in Quoting

Overview of Category Set Usage
Category Set Usage in the HTML User Interface
Category Set Usage in the Forms User Interface
Other Category Set Usages in Quoting