FIGURE 1-1 small spaceSun Blade T6300 Server Module With the Sun Blade 6000 Chassis

FIGURE 1-2 small spaceFront and Rear Panels and Optional Cable Dongle

FIGURE 1-3 small spaceOptional Dongle Cable Connecting to the Universal Connector Port

FIGURE 1-4 small spaceField-Replaceable Units

FIGURE 1-5 small spacePCI Express and Ethernet Connections Between Sun Blade 6000 Chassis and Sun Blade T6300 Server Module

FIGURE 1-6 small spaceSerial Number and MAC Address Location

FIGURE 2-1 small spaceDiagnostic Flowchart

FIGURE 2-2 small spaceDIMM Installation Rules

FIGURE 2-3 small spaceFront Panel and Hard Drive LEDs

FIGURE 2-4 small spaceALOM CMT Fault Management

FIGURE 2-5 small spaceFlowchart of ALOM CMT Variables for POST Configuration

FIGURE 3-1 small spaceHard Drive Locations and LEDs

FIGURE 3-2 small spaceHard Drive Locations, Release Button, and Latch

FIGURE 4-1 small spaceDisconnecting the Cable Dongle

FIGURE 4-2 small spaceRemoving the Sun Blade T6300 Server Module From the Sun Blade 6000 Chassis

FIGURE 4-3 small spaceStack Five Server Modules or Fewer

FIGURE 4-4 small spaceAntistatic Mat and Wrist Strap

FIGURE 4-5 small spaceDIMM Test Button and DIMM Ejector LEDs

FIGURE 4-6 small spaceDIMM Installation Rules

FIGURE 4-7 small spaceRemoving DIMMs

FIGURE 4-8 small spaceEjecting and Removing the Service Processor

FIGURE 4-9 small spaceRemoving the System Configuration PROM (NVRAM)

FIGURE 4-10 small spaceRemoving the Disk Backplane Cable

FIGURE 4-11 small spaceRemoving the Battery From the Service Processor

FIGURE 4-12 small spaceReplacing the Cover

FIGURE 4-13 small spaceInserting the Server Module in the Chassis

FIGURE A-1 small spaceServer Module Dimensions

FIGURE A-2 small spaceMotherboard Block Diagram