FIGURE 1-1 small spaceMonitor, Keyboard, Mouse, and Sun Ultra 45 or Ultra 25 Workstation

FIGURE 1-2 small spaceFront Panel Overview

FIGURE 1-3 small spaceRear Panel Overview

FIGURE 2-1 small spaceRequired Tools

FIGURE 2-2 small spacePower Button and Sleep Key Location

FIGURE 2-3 small spaceDisconnecting the Workstation Cables

FIGURE 2-4 small spaceRemoving the Side Cover and Access Panel

FIGURE 2-5 small spaceMajor Workstation Components

FIGURE 3-1 small spaceMotherboard With Component Connections

FIGURE 3-2 small spaceMotherboard Cables and Cable Clips

FIGURE 3-3 small spaceDIMM Configurations for Single-CPU Workstations

FIGURE 3-4 small spaceDIMM Configurations for Ultra 45 Dual-CPU Workstations

FIGURE 3-5 small spaceReleasing the DIMM

FIGURE 3-6 small spaceRemoving and Installing the Battery

FIGURE 3-7 small spaceRemoving and Installing the NVRAM

FIGURE 3-8 small spacePCI Card Location and Identification

FIGURE 3-9 small spaceRemoving the PCI Card

FIGURE 3-10 small spaceInstalling a PCI Card

FIGURE 3-11 small spaceRemoving Components from the Motherboard

FIGURE 3-12 small spaceDisconnecting Motherboard Cables

FIGURE 3-13 small spaceReleasing the Motherboard Latch

FIGURE 3-14 small spaceReconnecting Cables to the Motherboard

FIGURE 3-15 small spaceInstalling the Motherboard and Related Components

FIGURE 4-1 small spaceRemoving the Hard Drive

FIGURE 4-2 small spaceDisconnecting the Cables From the Hard Drive Backplane

FIGURE 4-3 small spaceRemoving the I/O Module With the DVD-Dual Drive and Audio USB Board

FIGURE 4-4 small spaceSecuring the Audio USB Cables in the I/O Cable Clip

FIGURE 5-1 small spaceRemoving the Fan Tray

FIGURE 5-2 small spaceRemoving the Fan Tray Backplane

FIGURE 5-3 small spaceRemoving the Power Supply

FIGURE 5-4 small spaceInstalling the Power Supply

FIGURE 5-5 small spacePower Supply Cable Connections at Motherboard and Hard Drive Backplane

FIGURE 6-1 small spaceReassembling the Workstation

FIGURE 6-2 small spaceReconnecting the Cables

FIGURE 6-3 small spacePowering On the Workstation

FIGURE 7-1 small spaceDiagnostic Method Flow Chart

FIGURE 7-2 small spaceDiagnostics Method Flow Chart - Traditional Data Collection

FIGURE 10-1 small spaceNVRAM on Motherboard

FIGURE 11-1 small spaceCrossover Cable Wiring Diagram

FIGURE B-1 small spaceWorkstation Dimensions With Stabilizer Open

FIGURE B-2 small spaceWorkstation Dimensions Without Stabilizer

FIGURE C-1 small spaceMotherboard Diagram

FIGURE C-2 small spaceWorkstation System Diagram

FIGURE C-3 small spaceMotherboard Block Diagram

FIGURE C-4 small spaceUltraSPARC IIIi Chip Architecture