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Sun Fire X4800 Server Rack Mounting and Shipping Bracket User's Guide

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Installing the Server Hardware

Contents of the Box

Location of the Rack Mounting Kit and the Shipping Bracket Kit

Installing Optional Equipment

Tools and Staff Required

Compatible Racks

Rack Mounting Kit

Installing the Server In a Rack

How to Remove Components to Reduce Weight

How to Install the Rack Mounting Hardware in the Rack

How to Insert the Server Into the Rack

Removing and Installing Shipping Brackets

How to Remove Shipping Brackets

How to Install the Shipping Brackets

Rack Mounting Kit

The rack mounting kit comes with the following hardware:

rack mounting kit parts display
Figure Legend
1, 2
Left (1) and right (2) shelf rails
Once the front and rear mounting brackets are installed on the rack, the shelf rails drop into place. The flanges on the rails hook into the pins on the brackets.

The shelf rails expand to match the depth of the rack.

These are not slide rails. Once the server is mounted in the chassis, it does not move.

3, 4
Front mounting brackets (2 pair)
These attach to the rack and support the shelf rails.

There are two types of front mounting brackets; one for round-hole racks (3), and another for square-hole racks (4). Use the one that matches your rack.

5 and 7
An assortment of M6 and 10-32 screws
Oracle provides extra screws to support different configurations. Unused hardware can be discarded or recycled when you have completed the installation.
Rear mounting brackets (1 pair)
These attach to the rack and support the shelf rails.
M6 cage nuts
Used to adapt the rear mounting bracket to the back of square-hole racks.