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Netra CT 900 Server Product Overview






1. Introduction to the Netra CT 900 Server

2. Shelf Description

2.1 Shelf Features

2.2 Shelf Physical Specifications

2.3 ATCA Midplane Features

2.3.1 Physical-to-Logical Slot Mapping

2.3.2 Base Interface

2.3.3 Fabric Interface

2.3.4 Synchronization Clocks

2.3.5 Update Channel Interface

2.3.6 IPMB Interface

2.3.7 Dedicated Shelf Management Card Slots

2.3.8 Shelf FRU SEEPROMs

2.4 Cooling Subsystem

2.4.1 Removable Fan Trays

2.4.2 Fan Tray Temperature Sensor

2.4.3 Fan Tray Control Board SEEPROM

2.5 Power Distribution, Planning, and Protection

2.5.1 Power Distribution

2.5.2 Power Planning

2.5.3 Power Protection

3. Shelf Alarm Panel Description

3.1 Shelf Alarm Panel Components

3.1.1 Alarm Silence Push Button

3.1.2 Telco Alarm LEDs

3.1.3 User LEDs

3.1.4 Serial Console Connectors

3.1.5 Telco Alarm Connector

3.2 Shelf Alarm Panel SEEPROM

3.3 Shelf Alarm Panel Temperature Sensors

4. Shelf Management Card Description

4.1 Ethernet Channels

4.2 Master-Only I2C Bus

4.3 Ports and LEDs

4.3.1 Serial Console Interface

4.3.2 Ethernet LEDs

4.3.3 Front Panel Reset Push Button

4.3.4 Status LEDs

4.3.5 Hot-Swap LED

4.4 Hardware Address

4.5 Redundancy Control

5. Switch Description

5.1 Block Diagrams of the Switch and Rear Transition Module

5.2 Base Fabric Switch Subsystem

5.3 Extended Fabric Gigabit Ethernet Switch Subsystem

5.4 Port Shutdown Behavior on Base and Fabric Interfaces

5.5 Rear Transition Module

5.6 Key Components

5.6.1 Broadcom StrataXGS 2 BCM5695 Ethernet Switch

5.6.2 Broadcom BCM5464R and BCM5461S 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet PHY

5.6.3 Freescale PowerQUICC II MPC8247 Communications Processor

5.7 System Requirements

5.7.1 Connectivity

5.7.2 Electrical and Environmental Requirements

5.8 Ports and LEDs

5.8.1 LED Select Push Button and Current Selected Switch LEDs

5.8.2 Port Status LEDs

5.8.3 ATCA Status LEDs

5.8.4 10/100/1000BASE-T Ports

5.8.5 Base 10/100BASE-TX Management Port

5.8.6 Extended Fabric Gigabit Ethernet and Base Serial Management Ports

5.8.7 Hot-Swap LED

5.8.8 Reset Push Buttons

5.9 Configuration

5.9.1 Jumper Settings E1 Cross-Connect Control E2 Test Jumper E3(1-2) IPMI Board Reset E3(3-4) IPMI Board Power Disable E4(1-2) IPMI Watchdog Reset Disable E4(3-4) IPMI Disable E5(1-2) Fabric Zero Reset Configuration Word E5(3-4) Base Zero Reset Configuration Word E6 IPMI Programming Jumpers E7 Base Serial Direction E8 Fabric Serial Direction E9 FPGA GPIO E10(1-2), E10 (3-4) EMI Ground to Logic Ground