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Sun Storage 6 Gb SAS PCIe RAID HBA, Internal

Installation Guide For HBA Models SGX-SAS6-R-INT-Z and SG-SAS6-R-INT-Z

Oracle Technology Network
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Document Information

Using This Documentation

Chapter 1 HBA Overview

Chapter 2 Hardware Installation and Removal

Observing ESD and Handling Precautions

Installing the HBA

To Prepare for Hardware Installation

To Install the HBA

To Connect the HBA to Internal Storage Devices

To Complete the Installation


Next Steps

Removing the HBA

To Remove the HBA

Chapter 3 Creating a Bootable Drive in a Preboot Environment

Chapter 4 HBA Software Installation

Chapter 5 Known Issues

Appendix A HBA Specifications


To Remove the HBA

  1. Prepare your operating system for HBA removal.
  2. Attach an antistatic wrist strap.

    See Observing ESD and Handling Precautions.

  3. Refer to the service manual for your specific system to locate the HBA in the chassis of the system.
  4. Remove the bracket screw that is securing the HBA to the chassis of the system and pull up gently and firmly to unseat the HBA from the PCIe slot.
  5. (Optional) If you need to replace the battery on the HBA, do the following:
    1. With a Phillips-head screwdriver, loosen the three screws that are securing the battery to the HBA.
    2. Place the screws aside and pull up on the battery to disconnect the battery connector from the HBA connector (JT3B1).

      See HBA Card Layout.

    3. Obtain the new battery and carefully press the battery onto the HBA to join the battery connector to the HBA connector (JT3B1).
    4. Secure the battery to the HBA by tightening the three screws from into the holes on the HBA.
    5. To reinstall the HBA into the system chassis, follow the instructions in To Install the HBA.
  6. Refer to the service manual for your specific system to reattach the cover to the system.