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CLI Tools User's Guide for SPARC Servers

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Installing fwupdate CLI Tool

How to Install fwupdate

fwupdate Tool Command Syntax and Conventions

CLI Tools Command Syntax

CLI Tools Device-Naming Convention

Using the fwupdateTool

fwupdate Command-Line Interface

list Subcommand

reset Subcommand

update Subcommand

Device-Naming Convention

Execution Summary

Error Codes

Common Error Codes

fwupdate Error Codes

Using the fwupdateTool

The fwupdate tool is one of the CLI components of the Sun Server Hardware Management Pack. fwupdate is a cross-OS utility that enables you to query, update, and validate the firmware of storage devices such as HBA, expanders, and disks on Sun servers. fwupdate is supported on Linux, the Solaris OS, and Windows for x86 servers and Solaris OS for SPARC servers.

The fwupdate tool updates a storage component's (SAS controller, SAS expander, disk drive, SAS bridge) firmware images when an update is made to that firmware. The tool displays the inventory of storage components that can be seen by a host and can show all of the available firmware versions.

The fwupdate tool uses a general-purpose cross-OS storage management library to access specific hardware information and provides exploration, monitoring, and configuration of on-board (local disks) and external storage resources (JBODs) connected to the host system.

The fwupdate CLI commands are run on the host machine and supports the target devices. fwupdate supports the following storage subsystems:

This section covers the following topics: