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CLI Tools User's Guide for SPARC Servers

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Installing fwupdate CLI Tool

How to Install fwupdate

fwupdate Tool Command Syntax and Conventions

CLI Tools Command Syntax

CLI Tools Device-Naming Convention

Using the fwupdateTool

fwupdate Command-Line Interface

list Subcommand

reset Subcommand

update Subcommand

Device-Naming Convention

Execution Summary

Error Codes

Common Error Codes

fwupdate Error Codes

CLI Tools Command Syntax

The CLI tools must conform to one of the following two command syntax formats:

The following table describes the command fields.

Command Field
The action that you want to perform. Consists of lower-case letters only.
Further defines the task to be performed by the command.

Generally used as verbs.

Consists of lower-case letters, hyphens, or the underscore character.

The subcommand is not required when the --version or --help option is used immediately following the command.

list, update, reset, expander-boot-record, sas_bridgefirmware
Describes the object or target that is being acted upon by the subcommand. Application specific.
all, disk, expander, bridge, controller
Modifies the command or subcommand and can be optional or mandatory depending on the command or subcommand.

There are long and short options that have identical functionality and are provided for ease of use:

  • Short-option is a hyphen followed by a single letter.

  • Long-option is two hyphens followed by a string.

-n or --device_name

-f or --filename

-r or --reset

The following table shows the options that apply to all CLI tools commands.

Short Option
Long Option
Help—Displays help information.
Version—Displays the tool version.
Quiet—Suppresses informational message output and returns only error codes.

When using command options and its corresponding value or device name, you can use an equal sign (=) or a space as shown in the following examples:

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