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CLI Tools User's Guide for SPARC Servers

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Installing fwupdate CLI Tool

How to Install fwupdate

fwupdate Tool Command Syntax and Conventions

CLI Tools Command Syntax

CLI Tools Device-Naming Convention

Using the fwupdateTool

fwupdate Command-Line Interface

list Subcommand

reset Subcommand

update Subcommand

Device-Naming Convention

Execution Summary

Error Codes

Common Error Codes

fwupdate Error Codes

reset Subcommand

After firmware for a device has been updated, the device might need to be reset. This requirement is different with each device; therefore, the reset functionality might be part of the update procedure or a separate function. To determine if your device requires a reset after a firmware upgrade, consult the release notes of your firmware.

The supported device_types for the fwupdate reset command are:

Options for the update subcommand are shown in the following table.

Short Option
Long Option
A mandatory option, with a mandatory parameter, to designate a single device to show. device_name is the common-mapped device name.

The following is a fwupdate reset subcommand example. This example resets the disk mapped to c2d2.

# fwupdate reset disk -n c2d2

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