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CLI Tools User's Guide for SPARC Servers

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Installing fwupdate CLI Tool

How to Install fwupdate

fwupdate Tool Command Syntax and Conventions

CLI Tools Command Syntax

CLI Tools Device-Naming Convention

Using the fwupdateTool

fwupdate Command-Line Interface

list Subcommand

reset Subcommand

update Subcommand

Device-Naming Convention

Execution Summary

Error Codes

Common Error Codes

fwupdate Error Codes

How to Install fwupdate

  1. Download the sparc_ssm.tar.gzfile.

    1. Navigate to http://www.sun.com/systemmanagement/managementtools.jsp.

    2. Click on Download Sun Server Hardware Management 2.0 in the Sun Server Hardware Management Pack 2.0 section.

    3. Select Solaris SPARC from the Platform drop-down menu.

    4. Click the I agree... box.

    5. Log into the Oracle download center.

    6. Download sparc_ssm.tar.gz.

  2. Unpack sparc_ssm.tar.gz using the following commands:

    # gzip -d sparc_ssm.tar.gz
    # tar xf sparc_ssm.tar
    # cd ssm
    # tar xf SUNWssm-storage-libs.tar
    # tar xf SUNWssm-arclibs.tar
    # tar xf SUNWssm-lsilibs.tar
    # tar xf SUNWssm-fwupdate.tar
    # cd solaris/sparc
  3. If necessary, remove SUNWssm packages using the following command:

    # pkgrm SUNWssm-storage-libs SUNWssm-arclibs SUNWssm-lsilibs SUNWssm-fwupdate

  4. Install fwupdate SUNWssm packages, using the following commands:

    # pkgadd -d ./SUNWssm-storage-libs.pkg
    # pkgadd -d ./SUNWssm-arclibs.pkg       
    # pkgadd -d ./SUNWssm-lsilibs.pkg         
    # pkgadd -d ./SUNWssm-fwupdate.pkg 
  5. To show the version number for all ssm packages, use the following command:

    # pkginfo -c sunssm -l

  6. To make sure that the fwupdate application is installed properly, use the following command:

    # fwupdate list all