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CLI Tools User's Guide for SPARC Servers

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Installing fwupdate CLI Tool

How to Install fwupdate

fwupdate Tool Command Syntax and Conventions

CLI Tools Command Syntax

CLI Tools Device-Naming Convention

Using the fwupdateTool

fwupdate Command-Line Interface

list Subcommand

reset Subcommand

update Subcommand

Device-Naming Convention

Execution Summary

Error Codes

Common Error Codes

fwupdate Error Codes

update Subcommand

The target set for the update command maps one target to one supported firmware image type that is supported by the tool.

The update subcommand supports the following targets:

Only one firmware image and one component can be specified per execution of this command.

Options for the update subcommand are shown in the following table.

Short Options
Long Option
A mandatory option, with a mandatory parameter, to designate the device to update. The name is the mapped name, which you can retrieve by using the list command.
--filename filename
A mandatory option, with a mandatory parameter, designating the name of the firmware image file that is to be applied.
Optional. If designated, the component that is updated is reset after a successful upgrade. This is provided so that reset mode does not have to be entered. If the update fails, the component is not reset.
Optional. Checks all input, executes an available dry-run check command on the firmware and component, but makes no permanent changes.

The following are update command examples:

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