OpenWindows User's Guide

Calendar Manager Controls and Menus

There are four menu buttons at the top of the Calendar Manager window: View, Edit, Browse, and Print and three Navigation Controls. The related menu functions are listed here.

View Menu

The View menu allows you to alternate between day, week, month, and year views; change time zones; locate an appointment; and go directly to a selected date.

The View menu allows you to change the view. For information on displaying more detail as well as displaying past, present, and future time, see "Resizing Your Calendar" and "Navigation Controls".

For information on using appointment and To Do lists, see "Displaying an Appointment or To Do List".

Edit Menu

The Edit menu items have the following functions:

Browse Menu

The Browse menu allows you to view Multiple calendars: browse a single Calendar; set up the Browse list and the Browse menu pulldown which allows quick access to a calendar. For more information refer to "Multiple Calendars Base Window".

Print Menu

The print menu allows you to print the currently selected view as well as Day, Week, Month, Year views and corresponding Appointment and To Do lists.

Navigation Controls

Figure 5-3 The Calendar Navigation Controls


The right side of the control area has three buttons for changing to past, present, or future views:

Resizing Your Calendar

For all views and lists, the Calendar Manager window has resize corners that you can use to change its size to see greater detail. For information on resizing, see "Resizing Windows".

    To display more information on each line, use one of the resize corners to stretch the window horizontally.

    To increase the number of lines for appointments, use one of the resize corners to stretch the window vertically.