OpenWindows User's Guide

Using Calendar Manager with Mail Tool

You can enter appointments into Calendar Manager from Mail Tool by dragging and dropping a Calendar Manager appointment attachment, if it is included in the attachment area of the mail message. You can create a mail message with the appropriate format by using the Mail pop-up window in Multiple Calendars. Or create a Calendar Manager appointment that can be attached in the attachment area of a mail message by:

    Selecting Attach -> Appt... from the Compose window in Mail Tool.

Sending Appointment Mail from Calendar Manager

The easiest way to generate a message about an appointment is to use the Mail feature of Multiple Calendars. This will automatically generate a compose window with an appointment icon attached. See "Sending Mail about Appointments from Multiple Calendars" for information about this feature.

Creating an Appointment Message from Mail Tool

Mail Tool provides a template that you can use to create mail messages in the format that Calendar Manager can accept. See "Template Properties" in Chapter 4, Multimedia Mail Tool for more information about Mail Tool template. The section, Figure 5-37 shows the Appointment window. If all the information you need has not automatically been filled in, add it at this time. This works just like the appointment editor. For information on the appointment editor, see "Appointment Editor Options". You can however, drag and drop from the appointment panel (using the drag and drop target) to a Calendar Manager canvas. You can drop another appointment icon onto the drop target of the appointment panel and the fields are automatically filled in. RESET returns you to the last appointment attached.

Figure 5-37 Mail Tool Template for Calendar Manager Messages