OpenWindows User's Guide

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You schedule Appointments and To Do items from the Appointment Editor pop-up window. You can display the Appointment Editor window by selecting a day and choosing Appointment from the Edit menu.

Alternatively, you can double-click SELECT on an hour (for Day view) or a day (for Week or Month view) to display the Appointment Editor.

The Appointment Editor window automatically displays the selected day and lists scheduled appointments in the scrolling list, as shown in Figure 5-8.

Figure 5-8 Appointment Editor Pop-up Window


Appointment Editor Options

The Appointment Editor window contains the following controls:

Caution - Caution -

If you create a Show Nothing appointment by using the Privacy setting, nobody else will be aware that you have an appointment scheduled in that time slot when they browse your calendar. There is a possibility that someone else will schedule another appointment for you in that time slot because they cannot see that time slot filled when using Multiple Calendars. (See "Multiple Calendars Base Window" for information.)

You can change the default settings for the Appointment Editor window from the Calendar Manager Properties window. See "Customizing Your Calendar Manager" for more information about properties.

Use the set of buttons at the bottom of the default Appointment Editor window to create and edit appointments. For information about using the Insert, Delete, Change, and Reset buttons, see the sections "Scheduling Appointments and To Do Items", "Deleting an Appointment",and "Editing an Appointment".