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Sun Datacenter InfiniBand Switch 72 Command Reference

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Understanding InfiniBand Commands


env_test Command

Displays environmental status.




This hardware command performs a series of hardware and environmental tests of the switch. This command is an amalgamation of the following commands:

The command output provides voltage and temperature values, pass-fail results, and error messages.


The following example shows how to display the hardware and environmental status of the switch with the env_test command.

# env_test
NM2 Environment test started:
Starting Voltage test:
Voltage ECB OK
Measured 3.3V Main = 3.28 V
Measured 3.3V Standby = 3.40 V
Measured 12V = 12.06 V
Measured 5V = 5.10 V
Measured VBAT = 3.17 V
Measured 1.8V = 1.78 V
Measured 1.2V Standby = 1.21 V
Measured 1.8V Standby = 1.80 V
Measured 2.5VA = 2.51 V
Measured 2.5VB = 2.51 V
Measured 1.2VA = 1.22 V
Measured 1.2VB = 1.22 V
Measured 1.2VC = 1.21 V
Measured 1.2VD = 1.21 V
Measured 1.2VB = 1.21 V
Measured 1.2VE = 1.21 V
Measured 1.2VF = 1.21 V
Voltage test returned OK
Starting PSU test:
PSU 0 present
PSU 1 present
PSU test returned OK
Starting Temperature test:
Back temperature 23.00
Front temperature 32.62
ComEx temperature 26.12
I4-A temperature 55, maxtemperature 56
I4-B temperature 48, maxtemperature 49
I4-C temperature 53, maxtemperature 53
I4-D temperature 48, maxtemperature 49
I4-E temperature 53, maxtemperature 54
I4-F temperature 53, maxtemperature 54
Temperature test returned OK
Starting FAN test:
Fan 0 running at rpm 12433
Fan 1 running at rpm 12311
Fan 2 running at rpm 12311
Fan 3 running at rpm 12433
Fan 4 running at rpm 12433
FAN test returned OK
Starting Connector test:
Connector test returned OK
Starting I4 test:
All I4s OK
I4 test returned OK
NM2 Environment test PASSED