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Sun Datacenter InfiniBand Switch 72 Command Reference

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Understanding the Commands

Understanding Hardware Commands

checkboot Command

checkpower Command

checkvoltages Command

connector Command

disablesm Command

disableswitchport Command

enablesm Command

enableswitchport Command

env_test Command

getfanspeed Command

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listlinkup Command

managementreset Command

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readchfru Command

setlinkspeed Command

setsmpriority Command

showtemps Command

showunhealthy Command

Understanding InfiniBand Commands


disableswitchport Command

Disables a switch chip port.


disableswitchport switch_chip port



This hardware command disables a port on the switch chip.


The following example shows how to disable port 1 on switch chip A with the disableswitchport command.

# disableswitchport A 1
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