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Sun Datacenter InfiniBand Switch 72 Command Reference

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Understanding the Commands

Understanding Hardware Commands

Understanding InfiniBand Commands




checkboot command, checkboot Command
checkpower command, checkpower Command
checkvoltages command, checkvoltages Command
hardware, Understanding Hardware Commands
checkboot, checkboot Command
checkpower, checkpower Command
checkvoltages, checkvoltages Command
connector, connector Command
disablesm, disablesm Command
disableswitchport, disableswitchport Command
enablesm, enablesm Command
enableswitchport, enableswitchport Command
env_test, env_test Command
getfanspeed, getfanspeed Command
getportstatus, getportstatus Command
i4reset, i4reset Command
listlinkup, listlinkup Command
managementreset, managementreset Command
nm2version, nm2version Command
readchfru, readchfru Command
setlinkspeed, setlinkspeed Command
setsmpriority, setsmpriority Command
showtemps, showtemps Command
showunhealthy, showunhealthy Command
InfiniBand, Understanding InfiniBand Commands
ibaddr, ibaddr Command
ibcheckerrors, ibcheckerrors Command
ibchecknet, ibchecknet Command
ibchecknode, ibchecknode Command
ibcheckport, ibcheckport Command
ibcheckportstate, ibcheckportstate Command
ibcheckportwidth, ibcheckportwidth Command
ibcheckstate, ibcheckstate Command
ibcheckwidth, ibcheckwidth Command
ibclearcounters, ibclearcounters Command
ibclearerrors, ibclearerrors Command
ibdatacounters, ibdatacounters Command
ibdatacounts, ibdatacounts Command
ibdiagnet, ibdiagnet Command
ibdiagpath, ibdiagpath Command
ibhosts, ibhosts Command
ibnetdiscover, ibnetdiscover Command
ibnodes, ibnodes Command
ibportstate, ibportstate Command
ibroute, ibroute Command
ibstatus, ibstatus Command
ibswitches, ibswitches Command
ibsysstat, ibsysstat Command
ibtracert, ibtracert Command
opensm, opensm Command
opensmd, opensmd Daemon
osmtest, osmtest Command
perfquery, perfquery Command
saquery, saquery Command
sminfo, sminfo Command
smpdump, smpdump Command
smpquery, smpquery Command
connector command, connector Command
registers, connector Command


disablesm command, disablesm Command
disableswitchport command, disableswitchport Command


enablesm command, enablesm Command
enablesm parameters
enablesm Command
opensmd Daemon
enableswitchport command, enableswitchport Command
env_test command, env_test Command


getfanspeed command, getfanspeed Command
getportstatus command, getportstatus Command


hardware, commands, Understanding Hardware Commands


i4reset command, i4reset Command
ibaddr command, ibaddr Command
ibcheckerrors command, ibcheckerrors Command
ibchecknet command, ibchecknet Command
ibchecknode command, ibchecknode Command
ibcheckport command, ibcheckport Command
ibcheckportstate command, ibcheckportstate Command
ibcheckportwidth command, ibcheckportwidth Command
ibcheckstate command, ibcheckstate Command
ibcheckwidth command, ibcheckwidth Command
ibclearcounters command, ibclearcounters Command
ibclearerrors command, ibclearerrors Command
ibdatacounters command, ibdatacounters Command
ibdatacounts command, ibdatacounts Command
ibdiagnet command, ibdiagnet Command
support files, ibdiagnet Command
ibdiagpath command, ibdiagpath Command
support files, ibdiagpath Command
ibhosts command, ibhosts Command
ibnetdiscover command, ibnetdiscover Command
topology file, ibnetdiscover Command
ibnodes command, ibnodes Command
ibportstate command, ibportstate Command
ibroute command, ibroute Command
ibstatus command, ibstatus Command
ibswitches command, ibswitches Command
ibsysstat command, ibsysstat Command
ibtracert command, ibtracert Command
InfiniBand commands, Understanding InfiniBand Commands


listlinkup command, listlinkup Command


managementreset command, managementreset Command


nm2version command, nm2version Command