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Sun Datacenter InfiniBand Switch 72 Command Reference

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ibclearcounters Command

Clears port counters in the InfiniBand fabric.


ibclearcounters [-h][topology|-C ca_name][-P ca_port][-t timeout]



This InfiniBand command is a script that clears the Performance Manager agent port counters by either discovering the InfiniBand fabric topology or using an existing topology file. The counters are:


The following table describes the options to the ibclearcounters command and their purposes:

Provides help.
Uses the specified channel adapter name.
Uses the specified channel adapter port.
Overrides the default timeout.

The following example shows how to clear the Performance Manager agent port counters with the ibclearcounters command.

# ibclearcounters
## Summary: 6 nodes cleared 0 errors
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