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Sun Datacenter InfiniBand Switch 72 Command Reference

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ibaddr Command

Queries InfiniBand addresses.


ibaddr [-d][-D][-G][-l][-g][-C ca_name][-P ca_port][-t timeout][-V][-h] [lid|dr_path|guid]



This InfiniBand software command displays the LID and range as well as the GID address of the port specified. The local port information is provided by default.

Note - This command is also used as a simple address resolver.


The following table describes the options to the ibaddr command and their purposes:

Sets the debug level. Can be used several times to increase the debug level.
Uses the directed path address. The path is a comma delimited sequence of out ports.
Shows the LID range and GID for port GUID addresses.
Shows the LID range only.
Shows the GID address only.
Uses the specified channel adapter name.
Uses the specified channel adapter port.
Overrides the default timeout.
Displays the version information.
Provides help.

The following example shows how to display the local port’s GID and LID range with the ibaddr command.

# ibaddr
GID fe80::2:c903:2:cb6a LID start 0x1 end 0x1
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