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Sun Fire X2270 M2 Server Product Notes
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Sun Fire X2270 M2 Server Product Notes

General Information

Known Open Issues

Hardware Known Issues

BIOS Known Issues

ILOM Known Issues

Oracle Solaris 10 OS Known Issues

Linux Known Issues

Windows Known Issues

Sun Installation Assistant Known Issues

Pc-Check Issues

ILOM Known Issues

6800702, 6813782
Storage Redirection Not Supported on ILOM Remote Console with 64–bit JDK

An attempt to start storage redirection might fail when using a 64-bit JRE (Java runtime environment) to launch the ILOM Remote Console. Since the 64-bit JRE is the default on a 64-bit system, you might also need to download a 32-bit JRE. When using a 64-bit JRE to start storage redirection, an “Unsupported platform” error appears.


Install a 32-bit JRE on the 64-bit system. JREs can be downloaded at:

Back Up Motherboard (MB) FRUID Information before replacing the MB.

TLI records are stored in motherboard (MB) FRUID and in the SP filesystem. In a situation in which the MB needs to be replaced, the FRUID information on the MB must be backed up before the MB replacement occurs.

Affected Software:

All supported versions of operating systems


Perform the FRUID backup and MB replacement procedures in the server service manual.