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Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) 3.0 Supplement for the Sun Fire X2270 M2 Server
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Overview of the ILOM Supplement

ILOM Feature Set

ILOM Overview

What Does ILOM Do?

Supported Platform Firmware

Supported ILOM 3.0 Feature Set

Sun Fire X2270 M2 Server Platform-Specific Features

Communicating With the ILOM and the System Console

Server Back Panel LEDs and Ports

Basic Server Connection

About ILOM SP IP Addresses and the ILOM Interfaces

Determining the SP IP Address

Connecting to the ILOM

Connecting to the System Console

ILOM Platform Features for the Sun Fire X2270 M2 Server

Hardware Information

Switching Serial Port Output Between SP and Host Console

How to Clear Server Faults

ILOM Sideband Management

Running IPMITool from the Host

Updating ILOM Firmware Using the IPMIflash Utility


How to View the Sensors From the System BIOS

BIOS System Event Log Sensor Error List

Using ILOM to Monitor the Host

System ILOM Sensors

System ILOM Indicators

Updating Firmware

Firmware Versions Worksheet

Determining Current Firmware Versions

Preparing for a Firmware Update

Updating the ILOM and System BIOS


ILOM Overview

ILOM is a server system management feature that is preinstalled on most Oracle x86-based servers. ILOM consists of a hardware and software component. The service processor (SP) is the server system management hardware component. The SP runs its own embedded operating system (OS) and functions independently of the server OS. The SP boots when power is applied to the server (standby power mode), offering full functionality in a low-power or lights-out state. The SP continues to provide full functionality after the server OS boots and when the server is in full power mode.

The server system management software component is the ILOM application that resides on the SP as preinstalled firmware. ILOM enables you to actively manage the server system and its components. Management capabilities are provided through a full-featured, browser-based web interface and an equivalent command-line interface (CLI). Industry–standard SNMP and IPMI interfaces are also available.

You can access ILOM from the server's host operating system, and you can remotely manage your server as if you were using a locally attached keyboard, monitor, and mouse. However, the ILOM SP also has a dedicated Ethernet port, which provides an out-of-band management capability.