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Sun Blade 6000 Modular System

Service Manual

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Returning the Modular System to Operation

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Applying Power to the Chassis

Power-On Sequence

Apply Power to the Modular System

Update FRU Information After Replacing the Midplane

Verify Modular System Functionality



Update FRU Information After Replacing the Midplane

Use these procedures to update midplane information with Servicetool after midplane has been replaced.


Caution - The SunService account is for the use of Oracle Service representatives only. Do not use the SunService account unless you are instructed to do by Oracle Service.

  1. Use SSH to log in to the SunService account.

    Obtain login information from Oracle Service.

  2. After replacing the midplane, type the following command:

    # servicetool --board_replaced=midplane

    The following output appears:

    Servicetool is going to update the midplane FRU with product and
    chassis information collected from the removed midplane.
    The following preconditions must be true for this to work:
        * The new midplane must be installed.
        * The service processor must not have been replaced with
          the midplane.
        * The service processor firmware must not have been upgraded
          prior to the midplane replacement; do firmware upgrades
          after component swaps!
    Do you want to continue (y|n)? y
  3. Type y.
  4. Reboot the CMM so that CMM recognizes the new serial number.
  5. Make sure that the midplane FRU number has been updated.
    1. Log in to the Oracle ILOM CMM.
    2. Type the following command:

      -> show /CH

    3. Verify that the midplane serial number has been updated.

      Note - If the serial number data is not cached, the servicetool --board_replaced=midplane method might not work to update the serial number.

      If the midplane serial number was not updated, use these commands to update the chassis serial numbers manually:

      1. Run the following command:

        # servicetool --fru_chassis_serial_number

        The following output appears:

        Servicetool is going to update the  FRU chassis serial number
        Do you want to continue (y|n)? y
      2. Type y to continue.

        The following output appears:

        When entering values, do not use quotes; If you require embedded
        quotes, escape them with three backslashes; e.g. \\'
        What is the new chassis serial number? XXXXXXXXXX

        where XXXXXXXXXX represents is the new serial number for the chassis.

      3. Enter the new serial number.

        The following output appears:

        The chassis serial number has been updated.
        The new serial number is: "XXXXXXXXXX"
        Updating FRUs... done
      4. Reboot the CMM so that the CMM recognizes the new serial number.

        Note - The Fault LED stays lit until you disable escalation mode and reset the CMM again.