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Sun Blade 6000 Modular System

Service Manual

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Downloading Chassis Firmware

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Service Manual Overview

Service Procedures Overview

Server Components Overview

Modular System Components

Internal System Components

Monitoring Faults

About Fault Management

External and Internal Faults

Oracle ILOM Fault Management

Monitoring Faults Using Fault LEDs

Chassis and CMM LEDs

Power Supply LEDs

Rear Fan LEDs

Monitoring Faults Using Oracle ILOM

Viewing System Component Status

Monitor Faults With the Oracle ILOM CLI Event Log

Preparing for Service

Identifying Component Types and Service Classifications

Identifying Chassis Models and Replacement Components

Chassis Part Numbers

Identifying the Chassis Model Using the Midplane Part Number

Identifying Chassis Replacement Components

Identifying the CMM Using the CMM Product Part Number

Gather Required Tools

Prevent ESD Damage

Powering Off the System and Components

Power Off the Server Modules and Storage Modules

Power Off the Chassis

Removing the Chassis From the Rack

Prepare the Chassis for Removal

Depopulate the Chassis

Remove the Chassis From the Rack

Replacing Customer-Replaceable Units

Replacing a Power Supply

Remove a Power Supply

Install a Power Supply

Replacing a Front Fan Tray

Remove a Front Fan Tray

Install a Front Fan Tray

Replacing a Server or Storage Module

Remove a Server or Storage Module

Install a Server or Storage Module

Replacing the FIM

Remove a FIM

Install a FIM

Replacing a PCIe EM

PCIe EM Service Overview

Remove a PCIe EM

Install a PCIe EM

Replacing a NEM

Remove a NEM

Install a NEM

Replacing a Rear Fan Module

Remove a Rear Fan Module

Install a Rear Fan Module

Replacing the Fan Board

Remove the Fan Board

Install the Fan Board

Replacing the CMM

Remove the CMM

Install the CMM

CMM Reset Sequence

Replacing Field-Replaceable Units

Replacing the Midplane

Remove the Midplane

Install the Midplane

Replacing an Internal Power Cable

Remove an Internal Power Cable

Install an Internal Power Cable

Returning the Modular System to Operation

Reinstalling the Chassis Into a Rack

Lift and Install the Chassis

Repopulate the Chassis

Reinstall Cables on the Components

Applying Power to the Chassis

Power-On Sequence

Apply Power to the Modular System

Update FRU Information After Replacing the Midplane

Verify Modular System Functionality



Install a NEM

  1. Align the NEM with the vacant NEM slot.

    If you are installing only one NEM, it should be installed in the bottom (NEM 0) slot.

    image:Figure shows NEM sliding into rear of chassis and ejector levers closing.
  2. Ensure that:
    • The RJ-45 port connectors of the NEM are facing you.

    • The NEM ejector levers are fully opened.

    • The NEM ejector levers are on the top of the module.

  3. Slide the NEM into the vacant NEM chassis slot until you feel it stop.
  4. Close the ejector levers to secure the NEM in the chassis.
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