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Sun Blade X6275 M2 Server Module Service Manual
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Service Manual Overview

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Change History

Server Module and Components Overview

Product Description

Product Features

About the Sun Blade 6000 Modular System Chassis

Illustrated Parts Breakdown

Front Panel LEDs and Features

Power and Reset

Power Modes

Power Button and Power OK LED

Powering On and Off the Server Module

Preparation Procedures for Service and Operation

Preparing the Server for Service

Preparing the Server for Operation

Component Removal and Installation Procedures

Replacing the System Battery

Removing and Installing DIMMs

Removing and Installing Flash Modules

Removing and Installing the Energy Storage Modules

Removing and Installing the Service Processor Board

Removing and Installing USB Flash Drives

Removing and Installing a CPU and Heatsink Assembly

How to Replace the Motherboard Assembly

Diagnostic and Maintenance Information and Procedures

Diagnosing Server Module Hardware Faults

LED Functions

Front Panel LEDs



CPU Fault LEDs

FMod Power Status LEDs

Using the DIMM and CPU On-Board Test Circuitry

Using the Multi-Port Cable

Multi-Port Cable Connection Overview

How to Attach a Multi-Port Cable

Clearing CMOS NVRAM and Resetting Passwords

How to Clear the NVRAM Using the BIOS Setup Utility

How to Clear the CMOS and Reset the BIOS Password Using Jumpers

Recovering from Corrupted Service Processor Firmware

How to Recover the SP Firmware Using the Preboot Menu

BIOS Power-On Self-Test (POST) Codes

Server Module Maintenance Procedures and Information



Environmental Specifications

USB Flash Drive Specifications


How to Attach a Multi-Port Cable

The multi-port cable attaches to the front of the server module using the universal connector port (UCP). The multi-port cable is designed for temporary attachment. Disconnect the cable when finished.

Note - The Sun Blade X6275 M2 Server module is a dual-node server. If necessary, use this procedure for both nodes.

Before You Begin

  1. Position the multi-port cable connector so the flat side of the connector aligns with the flat side of the universal connector port (UCP).
  2. Gently squeeze the sides of the multi-port cable connector and insert the multi-port cable into the UCP on the server module front panel.
  3. Connect the devices using the appropriate interfaces.


    Caution - Possible component damage. The multi-port cable is designed for temporary use. When not in use, do not leave the cable attached to the server module.

  4. To disconnect the multi-port cable, gently squeeze the sides of the cable connector and pull away from the server module.