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Sun Blade X6275 M2 Server Module Product Notes
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Overview of the Sun Blade X6275 M2 Server Module Product Notes

System Software Release Features

Firmware Release History

Supported Hardware

Supported Operating Systems

Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM)

Additional Software

Hardware, Firmware, and BIOS Issues

Hardware, Firmware, and BIOS Current Issues

Management and ILOM Issues

Management and ILOM Current Issues

Capping Power Values in ILOM Web Interface

Reading Server Power Consumption in the CMM

The Server Will Not Boot if the CMM is Off-Line

Locate LED Programmed to Stay On for 30 Minutes (6793865)

Set Port Sharing Error Message Generated When Using SP ILOM Web Interface (6895495)

Green LED Should Slow Blink (1 Hz) During Firmware Upgrade (6862377)

IPMIflash Over USB Interface Fails Due to Unexpected Response to File-upload Command (6856369)

Missing Warning Message While Doing Backup Configuration Without Passphrase (6859295)

Erroneous Chassis Hot Insertion Event Logged After CMM Reboot (6797938)

Setting the Serial Baud Rate in the System BIOS Does Not Propagate to the Service Processor (6784341)

CMM ILOM Becomes Unresponsive With Multiple CLI Sessions Open (6780171)

CMM ILOM Interface Becomes Unresponsive After Repeated Use (6798257)

Blade Power On Issues With the start /SYS Command (6784708)

SP Network Connection Lost When Issuing Incorrect ipmiflash -I pci Command (6850823)

Powering On Batches of Blades Might Cause a Node to Fail to Power On (6813202)

Softcap Power Limiting Does Not Work When the Host is Powered on After the SP Reboots (6890841)

PCIe EM Native Hot Plug Does Not Work (6804272)

Resetting the SP to Factory Defaults With Host Powered On Causes DIMM FRU Information to Be Lost (6970476, 6913602)

ILOM Power Budget Status Does Not Function Properly When Disabled and Then Enabled (7009654)

ILOM Configurations Are Preserved During Upgrade Even After Specifying "No" (6971164)

Linux Issues

Linux Current Issues

Oracle Solaris Issues

Oracle Solaris Current Issues

Windows Issues

Windows Current Issues

Documentation Issues

Documentation Current Issues

Missing Warning Message While Doing Backup Configuration Without Passphrase (6859295)

When doing an ILOM configuration backup without entering a passphrase, no warning message appears saying that sensitive data will not be backed up. A passphrase is required to back up sensitive information such as such as passwords, SSH keys, certificates, etc. However, the backup occurs immediately.

When restoring the configuration backup without entering the passphrase, no message appears to ask for the passphrase. The restore occurs immediately.