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System Administration Guide: Printing     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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1.  Introduction to Printing in the Oracle Solaris Operating System

2.  Planning for Printing (Tasks)

Planning for Printer Setup and Administration

Distributing Printers on the Network

Printer Configuration Resources

Printing Support in the Naming Service Switch

Adding Printer Information to a Naming Service

LDAP Print Support Guidelines

How the Printing Software Locates Printers

Assigning Print Servers and Print Clients

Print Server Requirements and Recommendations

Spooling Space

Disk Space

Memory Requirements

Swap Space

Hard Disk

3.  Setting Up and Administering Printers by Using CUPS (Tasks)

4.  Setting Up and Administering Printers by Using Print Manager for LP (Tasks)

5.  Setting Up and Administering Printers by Using Oracle Solaris Print Manager (Tasks)

6.  Setting Up Printers by Using LP Print Commands (Tasks)

7.  Administering Printers by Using LP Print Commands (Tasks)

8.  Customizing LP Printing Services and Printers (Tasks)

9.  Administering the LP Print Scheduler and Managing Print Requests (Tasks)

10.  Administering Printers on a Network (Tasks)

11.  Administering Character Sets, Filters, Forms, and Fonts (Tasks)

12.  Administering Printers by Using the PPD File Management Utility (Tasks)

13.  Printing in the Oracle Solaris Operating System (Reference)

14.  Troubleshooting Printing Problems in the Oracle Solaris OS (Tasks)



Chapter 2

Planning for Printing (Tasks)

This chapter provides information that can help you plan for printer setup when using LP print commands or Oracle Solaris Print Manager.

Note - Starting with the Oracle Solaris 11 Express release, CUPS is the default print service. Certain implementations in this release enable you to switch between the CUPS print service and the LP print service. To use the Oracle Solaris Print Manager or LP print commands, you must first install any required software packages, then switch the active print service from CUPS to the LP print service. For detailed information, see Switching From CUPS to the LP Print Service. For more information about using CUPS, see Chapter 3, Setting Up and Administering Printers by Using CUPS (Tasks).

This is a list of the information that is in this chapter: