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SPARC Assembly Language Reference Manual     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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1.  SPARC Assembler for SunOS 5.x

2.  Assembler Syntax

2.1 Syntax Notation

2.2 Assembler File Syntax

2.2.1 Lines Syntax

2.2.2 Statement Syntax

2.3 Lexical Features

2.3.1 Case Distinction


2.3.3 Labels

2.3.4 Numbers

2.3.5 Strings

2.3.6 Symbol Names

2.3.7 Special Symbols - Registers

2.3.8 Operators and Expressions

2.3.9 SPARC V9 Operators and Expressions

2.4 Assembler Error Messages

3.  Executable and Linking Format

4.  Converting Files to the New Format

5.  Instruction-Set Mapping

A.  Pseudo-Operations

B.  Examples of Pseudo-Operations

C.  Using the Assembler Command Line

D.  An Example Language Program

E.  SPARC-V9 Instruction Set


2.2 Assembler File Syntax

The syntax of assembly language files is:


2.2.1 Lines Syntax

The syntax of assembly language lines is:

[statement [ ; statement]*] [!comment] 

2.2.2 Statement Syntax

The syntax of an assembly language statement is:

[label:] [instruction] 



Description: is a symbol name.


Description: is an encoded pseudo-op, synthetic instruction, or instruction.