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Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Unified Directory 11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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1.  Starting and Stopping the Server

2.  Configuring the Server Instance

3.  Configuring the Proxy Components

Managing the Proxy Configuration With dsconfig

Configuring an LDAP Proxy

Listing LDAP Proxy Elements

Listing LDAP Server Extensions

Listing Proxy Workflow Elements

Viewing LDAP Proxy Element Properties

Viewing LDAP Server Extension Properties

Viewing Advanced LDAP Server Extension Properties

Viewing Proxy Workflow Element Properties

Adding an LDAP Proxy

Creating an LDAP Server Extension

Creating a Proxy LDAP Workflow Element

Modifying an LDAP Proxy

Modifying Proxy LDAP Workflow Element Properties

Modifying LDAP Server Extension Properties

Modifying LDAP Server Extension Advanced Properties

LDAP Data Source Monitoring Connection Properties

Configuring Load Balancing With dsconfig

To Configure Load Balancing

Creating a Load Balancing Workflow Element

Creating a Load Balancing Algorithm

Creating Load Balancing Routes

Modifying Load Balancing Properties

Setting the Priority in Failover Algorithm

Setting the switch-back Flag

Setting the Saturation Precision for the Optimal or Saturation Algorithm

Setting the Weight of a Proportional Algorithm

Setting the Threshold for a Saturation Algorithm

Setting the Saturation Threshold Alert

Setting Client Connection Affinity

Deleting Load Balancing Elements

Configuring Distribution With dsconfig

To Configure Distribution

Creating a Distribution Workflow Element

Creating a Distribution Algorithm

Creating Distribution Partitions

Creating a capacity Distribution Partition

Creating a lexico or numeric Distribution Partition

Creating a dnpattern Distribution Partition

DN Pattern String Syntax

Using DN Pattern negative-match

Managing Modify DN Requests

Deleting Distribution

Configuring Global Indexes By Using the Command Line

Configuring Global Index Catalogs by Using gicadm

Modifying the Properties of a Global Index Catalog

Replication of Global Index Catalogs

Logging of Replication Activities

Lifecycle Examples for Replicated Global Index Catalogs

Configuring Controls Required by the Global Index Catalog with Oracle Unified Directory

Managing the Proxy Configuration With ODSM

Configure Load Balancing

Configure Distribution

4.  Configuring Security Between Clients and Servers

5.  Configuring Security Between the Proxy and the Data Source

6.  Managing Oracle Unified Directory With Oracle Directory Services Manager

7.  Managing Directory Data

8.  Replicating Directory Data

9.  Controlling Access To Data

10.  Managing Users and Groups With dsconfig

11.  Managing Password Policies

12.  Managing Directory Schema

13.  Monitoring Oracle Unified Directory

14.  Tuning Performance

15.  Advanced Administration

Chapter 3

Configuring the Proxy Components

This chapter describes how to configure those server elements that are specific to an Oracle Unified Directory proxy server instance, by using either the dsconfig command or the Oracle Directory Services Manager (ODSM) interface. The chapter covers the following topics:

For more information about the dsconfig command, see Managing the Server Configuration With dsconfig.

For more information about ODSM, see Chapter 6, Managing Oracle Unified Directory With Oracle Directory Services Manager.