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Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Unified Directory 11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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1.  Starting and Stopping the Server

2.  Configuring the Server Instance

3.  Configuring the Proxy Components

4.  Configuring Security Between Clients and Servers

5.  Configuring Security Between the Proxy and the Data Source

6.  Managing Oracle Unified Directory With Oracle Directory Services Manager

Invoking Oracle Directory Services Manager

Connecting to the Server From Oracle Directory Services Manager

Displaying Server Information With Oracle Directory Services Manager

View Version Information

View the Server Role

View Server Statistics

View the Configured Connection Handlers

View the Configured Naming Contexts

View the Configured Data Sources

7.  Managing Directory Data

8.  Replicating Directory Data

9.  Controlling Access To Data

10.  Managing Users and Groups With dsconfig

11.  Managing Password Policies

12.  Managing Directory Schema

13.  Monitoring Oracle Unified Directory

14.  Tuning Performance

15.  Advanced Administration

Connecting to the Server From Oracle Directory Services Manager

On the main ODSM screen, enter the following information to connect to an Oracle Unified Directory instance:

If SSL is enabled, you are asked to trust the server certificate.

Note - If you change the browser language setting, you must update the session in order to use the new setting. To update the session, either reenter the ODSM URL in the URL field and press Enter or quit and restart the browser.