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Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Unified Directory 11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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1.  Starting and Stopping the Server

2.  Configuring the Server Instance

3.  Configuring the Proxy Components

4.  Configuring Security Between Clients and Servers

5.  Configuring Security Between the Proxy and the Data Source

How the Proxy Manages Secure Connections

Modes of Secure Connection

The always Secure Mode

The never Secure Mode

The user Secure Mode

Configuring Security Between the Proxy and Data Source Using dsconfig

To Configure Security Between the Proxy and Directory Servers Using dsconfig

Configurable LDAP Extension Properties Relevant to Security

StartTLS and the Proxy

Setting Access Control Using Network Group Criteria

6.  Managing Oracle Unified Directory With Oracle Directory Services Manager

7.  Managing Directory Data

8.  Replicating Directory Data

9.  Controlling Access To Data

10.  Managing Users and Groups With dsconfig

11.  Managing Password Policies

12.  Managing Directory Schema

13.  Monitoring Oracle Unified Directory

14.  Tuning Performance

15.  Advanced Administration

StartTLS and the Proxy

StartTLS is supported for client connections to the Oracle Unified Directory proxy. For more information, see Configuring SSL and StartTLS for LDAP and JMX and see also Testing SSL, StartTLS, and SASL Authentication With ldapsearch.

Connections between the proxy and the directory servers are never passed in StartTLS. If a StartTLS connection arrives from the client to the Oracle Unified Directory proxy, and if the remote-ldap-server-ssl-policy is set to user, then the connection between the Oracle Unified Directory proxy is passed in SSL. For information on the remote-ldap-server-ssl-policy, see Modes of Secure Connection.