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Oracle® Hardware Management Connector 3.2 for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager
Oracle Technology Network
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Document Information

Chapter 1 Using This Documentation

Chapter 2 Introduction

Chapter 3 Deploying Oracle HMC for Operations Manager

Chapter 4 Monitoring Sun x86 Servers in Operations Manager

Configuring Monitoring of Sun x86 Servers

Discovering Sun x86 Servers

Modifying the Frequency for Server Discovery

Modify the Server Discovery Frequency Interval

Modifying the Server State Polling Frequency

Modify Server State Polling Frquency

Sun x86 Server Specific Views

Server State Views

Sun x86 Server Tasks

Events for Sun x86 Servers View

Active Alerts for Sun x86 Servers View

Health Explorer

Power Consumption View Sun x86 Servers

Sun x86 Server Component View

Sun x86 Server Diagram View

Configuring Monitoring of ASR

ASR Traps for Sun x86 Servers View

Chapter 5 Release Notes


Active Alerts for Sun x86 Servers View

Oracle HMC for Operations Manager provides an Active alerts view with all of the information related to alerts received from your discovered Sun x86 servers. When the monitor for a particular server part switches to warning or critical state, it generates an alert. The alert is cleared automatically when the state of the monitor has changed back to normal.

To open the Sun x86 servers Active alerts view, open the Monitoring section in the Operations Console. Then open the Oracle servers folder, and select Active Alerts for Sun x86 servers. The hardware alerts view is shown as follows:

image:An example of some alerts received by Operations Manager.

When you select an acitve alert, the Alert Details pane describes the possible cause for the alert. When you double-click an active alert, the Alert Properties dialog provides additional information about the alert, such as product knowledge for troublshooting the alert, as well as the history of an alert.